Curious Minds Want to Know


Not too long ago, when one input an airport ID into the Flight Tracker, all aircraft in the vicinity of the airport would appear along with associated data blocks. Now this sometimes happens on the largest scale map. Sometimes though, on the large scale map, only traffic arriving or departing from the designated airport appears…none of “neighborhood” traffic. When zooming in, the only flights visible are those arriving at or departing from the designated airport.

What’s going on?

I would like the neighborhood traffic to be made visible at all zoom levels as I live under a high altitude airway and am often curious as to the nature of the traffic visible overhead.

At one time, there was talk about writing a script so that additional aircraft and data blocks would be displayed as one zoomed in upon a map. Has anything become fo this?




If you click the plus sign on the right side of the map there’s an option to show vicinity traffic or not.

However even when you have it turned on we hide the vicinity traffic if it would cause too many objects to be on screen (browser javascript performance issues). If you don’t see any overflights in green and the vicinity option is checked, zoom in.


Thank you

The vicinity button was checked but I was unable to see neighborhood traffic

The problem cleared up when, as per your suggestion, I began to zoom in in order to unclutter the area on display.

The mysteries of J73 are solved.

Tnx once agn