Question about "Views"

Is there a way to show ALL flights over a particular area. For instance, I would like to know who those high-level flights coming over our city. I see how to select a particular airline, type, etc. - but how about seeing all the traffic so I can identify who they are, where they’re headed and so on. Thanks.

The coolest part of FA - just type in an airport in your vicinity in the “airport code” box on the right and it’ll pull up a map of your area with all IFR air traffic shown (with the exception of military). Hovering the cursor over each aircraft icon will give you all the aircraft information you’re looking for. Clicking on the icon will display a page with the aircraft information listed out. Aircraft in blue are either arriving/departing from the airport you’ve selected. Aircraft in white is all other transient traffic.

EDIT: yeah, sorry - meant to say “aircraft in green is all other transient traffic”. They turn white when you hover over them.

Note if you zoom out too far on an airport page you won’t see any vicinity traffic (too many airplanes to display). So if you don’t see any green airplanes, zoom in.

I didn’t realize that it showed all traffic - just the traffic inbound or outbound from that airport. Thank you.

Try more than one airport in your area too.