Mapping Flights in a Region


Perhaps it was my imagination, but I thought it used to be possible to see all flights in the vicinity of an airport. Now only those to/from that airport are shown. I’ve also seen that this can be done for one selected airline.

Is there a way to map all flights in a particular piece of airspace, regardless of origin or destination, or airline?

Thanks for any suggestions.


Look at the lower left corner of the map window and look for the scale bar. Zoom in on the map until you get down to 10km/10mi or closer. The aircraft should appear. Zooming out further results in over clutter of the map page.


I typically use 20 km/20 mi, but I’m in the boonies. It works fine.


20/20 works on the map displayed on the Airport’s flight tracker tab, but if you open the map in a new window (by clicking the orange and white box in the lower right corner), then the zoom only works out to 10/10. At least that’s how it is on my computer.


20/20 works for me on the expanded map as well.


Hmmmmmm… :confused:

Oh well… 10/10 is good 'nuff for me.


The vicinity flights aren’t hidden at a specific zoom level. The limit is at the number of flights on screen, so it depends on how big your window is and how busy your area is.