Airport radar viewing problems


Hi Flightaware,

While viewing the JFK airport radar today, i have noticed when the page refreshes, it regularly only shows green transit flights or only blue local flights, but not both green transit and blue local flights on the same screen.
Please can Flightaware take a look.




Same thing was happening to me. Appeared fixed as of this past Sunday, but now its doing it again. If you scroll back and forth on the map the blips disappear. Scroll in another direction and they reappear. During some refreshes, I lose everything.

I’m also now seeing green blips reappearing one at a time instead of all at once. Also losing my blue blips on occasion, too.

Any insight from the FA team?


Problems with the airport radars again.
I am watching JFK radar traffic at 10km / 5mi zoom and have noticed that the vicinity green aircraft are missing.


Do you have the vicinity box checked in the (+) dropdown on the right side of the map?


Hi mduell,
I did have the vicinity traffic boxes checked.
All is well with the airport radars now.
Maybe Flightaware carried out a reboot on the system which caused the radar problems earlier.


Flightaware airport radars playing up again. I think this is something that needs to be looked at as it is happening quite frequently now.


Airport radars problems i think maybe because Flightaware are using both live ADS-B traffic from Flightradar24 and delayed FAA data traffic?


We haven’t been able to reproduce your issue. Can you post the contents of

Are you doing any blocking, such as ad blocking or running a particularly zealous firewall?

What airport are you looking at? Are you zoomed in close to the airport or zoomed far out?


Hi mduell,
Thank you for your reply above.
I normally view the airport traffic in the popout window using 10km / 5mi zoom.
For the past few weeks when i am viewing airport traffic, when the page refreshes sometimes it returns with no aircraft on screen, or only blue local aircraft or only green transit traffic but not both green and blue aircraft traffic on the same screen. It is frustrating when you view lets say JFK or BOS airport traffic and only see blue local traffic but not the green transit traffic.
It would be nice if you could fix the problem for tonight as i intend to view over the weekend traffic into JFK,BOS,YYZ etc.
Many thanks


Hi mduell,
The airport radar is not working too well at the moment.
I am viewing JFK traffic at 10km / 5mi zoom in the pop out window and only seeing green transit aircraft.
The page then refreshes then you see only blue local traffic or no traffic at all.
The page has just refreshed and i am now viewing both blue local and green aircraft transit traffic.
The page has just refreshed again and now i am seeing no traffic.
Please help.

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Hi mduell,
I believe i have fixed the airport radar viewing problem on my computer.
The culprit found after trying different internet web browsers was the downloaded Adobe flash player on my computer which clashed with the inbuilt google chrome flash player. I have uninstalled the adobe flash player on my computer and now see both green transit and blue local aircraft without any problems.


In the Flightaware airport radars, a lot of the moving aircraft are travelling backwards.
Please can you fix.


O’boy please can a Flightaware engineer take a look at the airport radars as and they are not working how they use to be.
All i am seeing on the JFK airport map is a load of green transit aircraft but no blue local aircraft.
Aircraft are also flying backwards etc.
Ever since Flightaware mixed live ADS-B traffic with the delayed FAA ASDI traffic these problems have occured.
Seeing no aircraft on screen at JFK airport at the moment.
What a mess.
Hopefully somebody can fix the airport radars so i can get back to enjoying my viewing.
Many thanks


The airport radars were working much better the past few day.
But this evening i noticed a few time the airport radars were only showing blue local traffic at 10km / 5mi zoom.
I zoomed out to the next lowest zoom 20km / 10mi zoom and bingo the green transit traffic also appeared.
Please can you fix it so that both green and blue traffic can be viewed at 10km / 5mi zoom.
Many thanks


The airport radar needs fixing.


Same thing happend to me, only blue aircraft or only green ones :angry:


I am also experiencing this kind of problem.:frowning:


When the vicinity aircraft disappear is your mouse inside the map or outside the window?


My mouse is outside the map when the aircraft disappear.
The past 2 days the airport radars have been working well.
Maybe you guys have fixed the problem?