Any Flightaware ADS-B Users ?

Hi Flightaware community,
I am addicted to the JFK airport radar map to view the many flights in and out of JFK airport, plus the numerous flights that fly over or near JFK airport at high level.
I then look for the aircraft on Planefinder to get live aircraft registration for the flights that are ADS-B equipped.
The only drawback with the Planefinder JFK radar is that the radar that covers JFK/EWR & LGA is not online 24/7.
Is their anybody in the Flightaware community in the New York area that can help in supplying ADS-B data to Planefinder?
The more New York contributers to Planefinder, the better chance of viewing live aircraft registrations for the aircraft i view on the Flightaware JFK radar map.
Obviously if somebody can stay online 24/7 that would be even better.

Many thanks


try to use www.flightradar24. you will have all the characteristics of the flights and aircrafts.

FlightAware has been using ADS-B for several years but is expanding the effort across the world and inviting others to participate. Take a look at

How do you tell looking on the map which aircraft are ADS-B and which are the 5 minute delay FAA data?

That’s a good question and you’d have to click on the tracklog to see. The issue is even more broad than you’re suggesting since we have more than just those two data feeds and the timeliness of the positions ranges quite a bit. Some of our non-US RADAR feeds (such as UK and Australia) are real-time, for example, and some of our ACARS/datalink ones are 1-15min, although that’s mostly a transoceanic issue.

Is the ADS-B data missing? I have noticed that for the past few days, all flights are 5 or more minutes delayed. It doesnt seem that any live ADS-B flight data is showing anymore.

What’s an example? It appears to be working for me. … L/tracklog

I guess my real question then is, in the US s ADS-B data also delayed by 5 min? I am just wondering, because on the US airport activity maps; aircraft that were tracked/displayed live a few days ago have been shown as estimated for 5 or more minutes after departure. These aircraft used to be shown on the map immediately after lifting off the runway.

What’s an example? Here is an example of a flight that would be tracked live, but now has a long delay. Here is a slightly better example of a 777 aircraft departing KORD.

Any more examples? These appear to be anomalies unrelated to us:

Not all the Continental 738s are ADS-B equipped. The one (N76265) that flew ORD-EWR as UAL195 today is not.

This aircraft had the wrong identifier programmed in their transponder today.

Oh, that makes sense. I guess I was picking the wrong couple of aircraft, thanks for your help this clears it up for me!