All Aircraft Activity In Area?


Well, after I posted this, it started working again.

When I wanted to identify an aircraft that flew over my house I usually would check Flightaware and it would display all aircraft in the area regardless if it was connected to my local airport. Now when I try this it only shows aircraft that is directly connected with my airport.
Did Flightaware take this option away?


It is still there, but not as good as it used to be for me. I have to zoom in so the distance legend shows 100 miles. One other problem I see is that I have to hover my mouse over the plane to get the flight info. It used to just show automatically.


Thanks for the quick reply. Thats a shame, I would use that all the time. Just when they made it so you could actuallt identify the aircraft the scaled back the performance of showing the aircraft. Hopefully this will return.


I miss it


I was just wondering the same thing. I miss it also.


If there would be too many overflights on the map we supress them for performance reasons. Zoom in (or shrink your window if you’re using the pop up map) and you should see overflights at some point.


Once zoomed in the planes are there, but the only way to get info on them is to hover the mouse on them. When I view the map on my Blackberry, the info for each flight is visible like it used to be.


I re-Loged in with my account. now it works