flight tracking over my home


I was wondering if there is some way to show what all the flights passing over or near my home are by using latitude/longitude coordinates for my address and being able to zoom in and out a little from that point instead of just over the local airport (KCVG). There is always some departing traffic over my house from CVG that is about 25 miles away and I would also like to be able to find out what some of the other traffic at crusie altitude is over my home too. Is there any way to do this?


As of right now, there’s no way to enter your lat/long coordinates to “center” your house on a map. Your best bet would be to look at the KCVG map and locate the approximate location of your house. Even better would be to locate a (smaller) airport that is closer to your house, which would put you closer to the center of the map. I imagine being 25 miles from KCVG that there would be several smaller fields closer to you. Ex.: If you lived near, say Wilmington, OH, you could look at the KILN map instead. That’s not the best example, because it handles heavy cargo jets, but any small airport with an ICAO indicator will have a map, even if it handles little or no IFR traffic.

Rumor has it that a zoom feature of some sorts is in the works.
Hope this helps.


In addition to what Planeaholic just said, if you expand the map you find that’s closest to your house it will show more aircraft. Also those lines on the map are roads (highways) and borders. Since you are in an an area with many highways and state borders, you should be able to use some old fashioned navigation to find the flights going over your house. Ex. you might know your house sits west of a highway in a triangle between the Ohio and Indiana borders and a little airport.

Also remember the six minute delay. And if an aircraft were on approach to CVG the arrivals may be out of order on FA and the ETA might be off the closer they get to the runway.

You can also pick up an aircraft scanner at RadioShack for about $100.


Thanks for the help. I narrowed it down to Clermont County Airport (I69) on the Flight Aware map. I wasn’t aware that it went down to airports that were that small and it is only about 6 or 7 miles from my home. That should help to slim down some of the air traffic. As for a scanner, I have a Radio Shack Pro-2096 base (used for both air traffic and local digital law enforcement listening) that works well. I am looking into an exterior antenna for it soon. Once again, thanks for the help. Since I live a little east of town and to the northeast of the airport, I would assume that most of the traffic from CVG is heading towards the east coast. It’s usually 737s, MD-80s, and CRJs with an occassional 757 or 767 and with Delta being the dominant carrier here, that would make sense.


You can go on myairplane or airnav to get the approach and departure procedures for CVG and the other busy airports in the area. Or you can drive around the corner to Sportys. I’m sure they can help you.


You should get together with Magnetoz.


Or you can get them right here. :slight_smile:


I was at CVG and I69 yesterday. Unfortunately I’ve only flown into CVG once, VFR, so I’m not real familiar with their arrivals. But I like how flightaware bundles all the arrival or departure procedures into one PDF.


I’m sorry I didn’t know about this feature. Agree with Magnetoz on bundling, I’ll have to explore this more. Thanks.