How to add ssh searched and cant figure it out


This is driving me nits cant figure this out without being able to remote via puut on my Ras 2. Extremely frustrating sin ce i cant get the 3.5 iamge to work for nothing. I can see in the stat window and see its hooked up to internet. Ugh this is so annoying ill have to can the whole thing if I can find a simple way. It use to be so easy to get in there check on it modify it or whatever. But this is crazy

#2 step 3


So basically I have to set my tv up with it sounds like. Ok Oy so many extra steps now.


Not necessarily, if you can access your Pi physically.

Shut it down by giving command from your Flightaware stats page. After shutdown, slip out the microSD card, put it in a card reader or adapter, and plug-in into your desktop/laptop.

Now follow instructions in item “5 (a) To enable SSH:” of this post: Bake a Pi, Option-1


S thanks perfect now if I could just get 3.51 to run. My 2,x works just fine. Getting the pi3 tomorrow


No. Step 3 is about setting up ssh access on a headless (no display) Pi. You take the sdcard out and write a file to it using your PC then replace the sdcard.