How long since you rebooted your Pi

I noticed that two of my Pis have had quite long uptime




I seem to remember that it was only rebooted because FA nagged me every day to upgrade from Piaware V5.

Just curious if others are seeing this sort of reliability.


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That would also mean that some important patches aren’t installed so far. Reliability is one thing, but you would need to update to the most current version from time to time.

Often reboot is not required, but sometimes it is.

Yes, regularly. I have a couple of Pis which only get used very occasionally and so they’re out of sight and out of mind. I use PRTG network monitor which tracks uptime but wraps at 500 days and one of my Pis was well above that.

My weatherstation Pi running CumulusMX was getting close to the 500 days when we had a power cut recently.

The Raspberry Pi is an incredibly reliable little computer.


Each of my computers has a scheduled weekly task to perform software for updates followed by a reboot.

Yup have a cron job programmed for that as well, but only for the updates itself. The reboot has my personal attention in case it doesn’t get out of the reboot correctly ( not that this happens often) but I’d rather have a intervention when it happens then waking up and discovering that the feeder has some hours downtime :face_with_monocle:

Two of my Pis are mounted in the roof space and not easy to access if something goes wrong.

Two others are remote and some hours away and are not put at risk from a software change or reboot unless it is feasible for someone to get to it to apply resuscitation. (This was especially hard during months of lockdowns).

What important patches have I missed in the last 9 months?


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I’m in the same situation - I’ve got sites on two continents, so if a Pi locks up or fails to reboot, it may be months before I can get it going again.
Updates are only performed when I’m on site (and with the gear to fix a problem if the update fails)

I reboot fairly regularly, as I often update the 1090 etc software or tweak my settings, to keep everything current.

This is normally not necessary. Just a restart of the services is sufficient

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Yeah, just a bad habit of mine and easier to type sudo reboot :grin:

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Regarding updates, I administer a remote CentOS box which runs yum-cron to keep on top of updates so that I don’t have to do them manually ‘from time to time’ and then it reboots itself once a month for any kernel updates to be applied.

It’s been doing that for years without any problems.

I think two points should be seen:

For the first, I update and reboot the Pi around every two months, to grab the latest security patches
For the second, as long as the pi is not off for several hours, it is seen as up. In 04/2021 the issue was an internet access issue during five days.
Longest Streak: 374 days (4/15/2020 - 4/23/2021)
Current Streak: 372 days (4/28/2021 - Now)

Kind regards

As far as i remember Flightaware starts over on a full 24-hour downtime.

I have rebooted and even exchanged my device at least 20 times but it still shows the streak started in 2020

So the count there does not really tell something about the uptime

TOP will give you the up time since the last start.

But not about the FA uptime what my statement is about

Beside the regular uptime command you can install tuptime which gives you some more details (e.g. overall uptime etc)

There are other threads discussing FA streaks.
This thread is about the Pi’s uptime.

After all, you can have a network failure and loose connection to FA without the Pi ever restarting.

Don’t tell me, tell ph35sm who started this topic recently

The only time I reboot the Pi is for an upgrade. The Pi is simple and does not require much attention

I’d say that during a one month period there was -for each of the devices- roughly a 50% chance that the video would freeze once, To minize those risks, I decided to reboot once per week and the results are acceptable: so far, after a year of weekly reboots, I only had 2 freezes (image freeze, no PI freeze).

I should have kept to myself.

At 3.02AM Eastern Australian time this Pi spontaneously rebooted. :roll_eyes:

No idea why. All the other Pis, computers and clocks in the house are just fine.

As Ned Kelly infamously said “Such is life”.