Homeless Man Sent To Jail For Stealing An Airplane..........


His lawyer says he stole the plane because he was homeless and cold.

Bull corn!!!

Well, now for 9 months he is guaranteed food and shelter.

Will, you need to go to jail for spelling steeling wrong (now, figure out how to properly spell it).

I did… Crap.

Sorry to butt in here, but he actually spelt “steeling” correctly. It was “stealing” which he misspelt.


Now steeling an airplane I’d like to see . . .

Ok, please define “spelt”, and “mispelt” .

Standard non-American English for “spelled” and “misspelled”! :smiley:

:laughing: ok,cool it was intinshunal

although the more I think of the “word” “spelt” it reminds me of rock salt for some reason…“Icy driveway? Throw some Spelt on it.”

But if you’re a farmer, Spelt is a grain primarily used as a livestock feed…

I would like to see steeling in a sentence (though my spell checker says it’s a word, I don’t believe it).

How about, “A homeless man is steeling himself for nine months in jail after stealing and wrecking a single-engine airplane at a Maryland airport”?

steeled, steel-ing, steels

  1. To cover, plate, edge, or point with steel.
  2. To make hard, strong, or obdurate; strengthen: He steeled himself for disappointment.

That second definition could go all sorts of different ways of wrong…

I fear for my life, so Texas Armoring is steeling my car to make it bullet proof.