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Homeless Man Steals N82096 @ KFDK and Crashes It, then Flees


wusa9.com/news/breaking/stor … &catid=158

FA Photos:


Other Photos:

concord977.smugmug.com/search/in … 86&x=0&y=0

I wonder how long until this hits the mainstream news?

Yeah, Cubs are easy to fly but impossible to taxi! :laughing:

Amen brother!!

For Sale:
One slightly damaged PA-18-150.

I put 18 in bold because the FA picture calls it a 28. A mistake I see quite a bit on for sale ads too.

I didn’t think it was to bad to taxi, after all I never hit any runway lights…8)

John in Saudi

Not sure why external images are failing to appear here when linked with “img” or “img src” tags. So here are the direct links:

Aircraft resting on its prop:
fredericknewspost.com/photos … _large.jpg

Person allegely involved in the incident:
fredericknewspost.com/photos … 2large.jpg

He sure “stuck” that one… :laughing:

Wow, just wow…

:laughing: I would say thats an “Awshit” moment.

I’m sure AOPA is thrilled this happened at their home airport. The center of the “Airport Watch” program.

Works for me.

Managed not to go all the way over, but there is an engine teardown in the insurance companies future. bummer.

John in Saudi

:open_mouth: Guys could that be?..no it cant be!! Its Meek!!! He’s back!! :laughing: :laughing:

No, no, no. That’s not MeekRN. But he did date that guy in high school!

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

i thought the same thing. i figured that’s what did this guy in…unable to control the tailwheel. i sent this story to my grandpa for his opinion and he had some interesting insight. i thought you guys might enjoy reading his thoughts. he’s in his 80’s and doesn’t fly anymore, but he emails and surfs the net like a pro…a pretty cool dude 8)

“I trained in an Aeronca Champion. I didn’t have any problem with control. Maybe the Cub was different. I flew a four place Stinson and another four place plane and several other kinds but don’t think I had any problem keeping the airplane on the runway. Maybe the guy is lucky that he didn’t get the plane in the air. Landing them is a bit trickier than taking off. When I landed the first time the instructor accused me of trying to pull something. He said no one could land that good if they had not had prior instruction. I had been studying and reading about flying for months. He yelled at me for landing too good!”

The same soaring club uses these aircraft as tugs:

flightaware.com/photos/view/2692 … 53de9b1a61

flightaware.com/photos/view/2692 … f66a1060bd

If either of these had been stolen instead of the cub, I think the results could have been even worse.

Sounds like Charlie Kulp!!! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: Even looks like him, kinda! :laughing: