Hockey Tail Numbers


I was wondering if anyone had any tail numbers on NHL team. Please let me know. Really looking for the Oilers

NHL and AHL charter flights?

The only two owned planes I know of are:
N757SS - Dallas Stars
N682RW - Red Wings

Most NHL teams just use various charter services:
C-FPWD, C-FDCA, C-FPWE are Air Canada Jetz Charters that primarily service the Western Canadian teams(Oilers/Canucks/Flames)
N732MA - Florida Panthers/Miami Hurricanes
N147AW - Anaheim Ducks
N977UA - Buffalo Sabres
N464AT - Minnesota Wild/St. Louis Blues
N737Q - Chicago Blackhawks
N757BJ - Phoenix Coyotes/St. Louis Blues (this sold and is now N757SS)


177BB is the owner of the Bruins, Jeremy Jacobs.


N697BJ Columbus BJs.

Just about anything can be chartered. Recent YVR visitors have included N808TJ (Wild) and N767MW (Avalanche).


The Buffalo Sabres have used Miami Air International the last couple years: BSK697


This season the St. Louis Blues have been charterting Midwest Airlines out of SUS.


True the Blues have been flying Midwest for several years now. Prior to that they flew AA and TW. I am going to beg them not to change a thing seeing how this season is going. I hope Midwest serves the same cookies, and uses the same runway each time in order to keep the Blues playing like they are!! Go Blue

I beleive the Preds also use Midwest but that hasn’t changed the fact that they have the ugliest jerseys in the league second only to the Avs and the old Ducks. ,
As for the Hawks (yawn), I beleive they still fly United. I won’t hold it against UA, all airlines need money right now.

I beleive EastSleepJeep was right about the Canadian teams, mostly AC Jets, or Air Canada. The Canucks used to have a 72 that was owned by Orca Bay Ent, and they shared it w/ the basketball team up there whoever they were, but this was 10 years ago or so.


A couple sports related questions…

Who did N756AF, the Paul Allen/Seahawk’s 757 go to?

The Dallas Maverick’s 757, N801DM has been upgraded to a 767, N767MW. It is my understanding that Mark Cuban owns both of these airframes, but are operated by Pace?


All Canadian teams seem to be with Air Canada. (Or A/C Jetz)
Here are the flight numbers usually assigned to teams:

ACA7035 and ACA7036 --> Calgary Flames.
ACA7037 and ACA7038 --> Vancouver Canucks.
ACA7039 and ACA7040 --> Edmonton Oilers.
ACA7041 and ACA7042 --> Montreal Canadiens.
ACA7043 and ACA7044 --> Toronto Maple Leafs.
ACA7047 and ACA7048 --> Ottawa Senators.

I saw the Sens A320 today at KFLL, it’s C-FPWE.


Looks like the Nashville Predators are also using Midwest.


I actually work at SUS, and they use to use Miami Air like 3 or 4 years ago before they used Midwest. Nice airplane. Decked out MD-82. Midwest only has 1 MD-82 and a 717 that they use for Charter buisness.


Ottawa Senators boss (Eugene Melnyck) was at KFLL today.
(Actually, I don’t know if he was there, but at least his G-IV was!)
And of course, he flight was … blocked.:cry:

Picture thanks to
I had a hard time making out the registration with my binoculars, so forget trying to use my Cybershot :unamused:


I checked that one, and that one appeared to be out of commission for quite some time. (Arrived 612 days ago?)

I did, however, find that Delta Air #9791 (DAL9791) was back and forth from New York to DC, around the time the team was doing their White House visit back on Wednesday (2/6). And it’s now in Detroit, where they’re playing today for NBC.

Another one I found: Grand Holdings #2060 (CCP2060) departed from Philadelphia and landed in Pittsburgh seven hours ago (as of this post), conveniently after the Flyers played the Rangers at home on Saturday.


The Philadelphia Flyers are using Champion Air (Grand Holdings Inc).

Flight numbers: CCP2060/CCP2061


Thank you. After realizing that CCP2060 only had limited travels, the Flyers had to be taking another plane as well.

Using the information found here, and through the NHL on Yahoo! Sports (travel purposes), I have come up with a list of flights. Feel free to either add, subtract, or revise if you see fit.

Anaheim – DAL9791
Buffalo – BSK697
Calgary – ACA7035; ACA7036
Carolina – PCE3820
Chicago – UAL9886
Columbus – N697BJ
Dallas – N757SS
Detroit – N682RW
Edmonton – ACA7039; ACA7040
Florida – BSK694
Montreal – ACA4041; ACA7042
New Jersey – N615PA
NY Islanders – BSK693
Ottawa – ACA7047; ACA4048
Philadelphia – CCP2060; CCP2061
Phoenix – SWQ801
Pittsburgh – BSK692
Tampa Bay – BSK695
Toronto – ACA7043; ACA7044
Vancouver – ACA7037; ACA7038
Washington – BSK690

Anaheim’s at the beginning of a massive homestand (running through the end of February and into March), so I might be inclined to start a new search for a flight once they take off for their new road trip. Other than that, I believe all of the information listed above is correct.


Does anybody know the fate of the Stars’ old 727-223, N698SS?
It’s blocked but might it be for sale somewhere? Is it just taking up hangar space at DFW or DAL?

EDIT: after a brief search(thanks google): It appears that the Rangers/Stars livery has been painted over and it’s running sports charters for the Bruins (as well as others perhaps?) … 148813817/


For the Habs fans: Aleksei Kovalev’s Cessna can be found here.


And according to the N-Number registration and Zillow, Aleksei’s Connecticut house is valued at a cool 5.14 million.


I found yet another tail number tonight.

N37NY is the tail number of the NY Rangers. (It also serves as the aircraft of the Knicks of the NBA.)


Atlanta Thrashers: Midwest 8858 and Midwest 8859

It took me a while to find these, as both flight numbers have just 1 flight on record.