chicago blackhawks tail #


Anyone have the current tail # for Chicago Blackhawks???


Hopefully it’s sitting in a hangar and broke for their next STL trip. Jeez, of all teams I didn’t want to get good, and pick up Brian Campbell in the off season, :frowning: as if my Blues had hope anyway, CHI sure isn’t helping it out this year!

Last I knew they flew UA. Next time they go on a road trip, check the arrival city (especially if its a non UA city) for an 8000 or 9000 series flight number.

Hope that helps

"blackhawk 13, STL airport closed, hold on the 130 radial Kalamazoo VOR left turns Expect further clearance time of ahh…2200L.


Ok this is what they are using for plane now

SWQ737 !


So you know, there’s like 6 other teams that use that flight as well. Other flights besides that one are SWQ801 and SWQ802


The latter two were used by the Straight Talk Express that John McCain was using. It was blocked later.