2017-2018 NHL Charters

This is a somewhat incomplete list, but here are the flight numbers that I’ve scrounged up for the 2017-2018 NHL season:

Anaheim Ducks: DAL8946
Arizona Coyotes: PMM758
Boston Bruins: SWQ2114*
Buffalo Sabres: DAL8947
Calgary Flames: ACA7035/7036**
Carolina Hurricanes: SWQ2218*
Chicago Blackhawks: SWQ2520*
Colorado Avalanche: ACA7015/7016**
Columbus Blue Jackets: SWQ2422*
Dallas Stars: GTI7708 (through MLW Aviation N767MW)
Detroit Red Wings: N682WR (Not Trackable)
Edmonton Oilers: ACA7039/7040**
Florida Panthers: SWQ2915*
Los Angeles Kings: DAL8948
Minnesota Wild: DAL8949
Montreal Canadiens: ACA7041/7042**
Nashville Predators: SWQ2715*
New Jersey Devils: BSK399
New York Islanders: SWQ2612
New York Rangers: DAL8950
Ottawa Senators: ACA7047/7048**
Philadelphia Flyers: DAL8951
Pittsburgh Penguins: BSK392
San Jose Sharks: KAI525
St. Louis Blues: SWQ2323*
Tampa Bay Lightning: BSK395
Toronto Maple Leafs: ACA7045/7046**
Vancouver Canucks: ACA7037/7038**
Vegas Golden Knights: SWQ2815*
Washington Capitals: DAL8952
Winnipeg Jets: ACA7017/7018**

(*) SWQ (Swift Air) numbers charter flights sequentially in the same series; flight number listed is the most recent which I was able to confirm.
(**) ACA (Air Canada) has a contract with the NHL to provide charter flights for the seven Canadian teams (similar to the NBA/DAL deal). All ACA NHL related flights have been using A319s.

Also worth noting that the NHL teams which charter with DAL (except for Anaheim and Buffalo) share an arena with an NBA team, so it’s possible that those particular charters are being coordinated with the NBA teams or in some other fashion. I’m guessing that’s the case because all of the NHL related DAL charters are using B752s.

EDIT: 1538 EST, 11/6/17 Updated to include Dallas, Florida, New Jersey, New York Islanders, Tampa Bay and Vegas. 0210 EST, 11/8/17 Updated Dallas Stars to reflect probable GTI flight number.

Any idea what the Avalanche used for the flight over to Sweden for the “Global Series”?

Can’t find the Avalanche, this the last flight I could find


This was the Avalanche’s flight from KEWR to ARN/ESSA (Stockholm)

Not sure what their return flight will be…

cool; thanks for the info!

Anyone have the Preds flight info? Swq2715 is not accurate even going up by one. Thank you.

It looks like they had SWQ2705 from Nashville to Los Angeles, SWQ2706 from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, and SWQ2707 from Las Vegas to Phoenix.


Of course I don’t know for sure, but chances are good that they’ll have SWQ2708 back to Nashville tomorrow.

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