NBA Charters and airport

Does anyone now this year upcoming season Charter information for the NBA? What airport they fly out of?


What team?

All of them

That’s a lot of work to compile that list, you could start by looking a day ahead of a game, teams most often arrive the day before the game, or look for departures after the game, DAL88XX, DAL89XX or something out of the ordinary. And there is already a thread to post NBA charters…notable-activity/mlb-nfl-nba-charter-planes-t5765-350.html

If that’s what you wanted then perhaps you should have posted it that way. I had to read your original posting several times before I realized you were saying.

Something like: “Does anyone have the charter information for the upcoming NBA season?”


Anybody have the new # for the Miami Heat? Having difficulty finding this year’s plane. Thanks in advance!

Here are some NBA charter flight numbers.

Atlanta Hawks- DAL8932

LA Lakers- DAL8937

Portland Trailblazers- DAL8945

Indiana Pacers- DAL8936

LA Clippers- DAL8938

Golden State Warriors- DAL8935

Miami Heat- BSK361

Here are a couple more,

Sacramento Kings - DL8948
Toronto Raptors - AC7043, AC7044