NBA Charters 2008/2009/2010

Got a few flight numbers so far, add to the list if you got more.

9929 - Memphis Grizzlies
9936 - Oklahoma City Thunder
9938 - Golden State Warriors
9940 - New Orleans Hornets
*These are the special 56 seat 319s

Sacramento Kings
Phoenix Suns
San Antonio Spurs

NWA9930 - Atlanta Hawks
SWQ801 or others swq - Boston Celtics
NWA9925 - Charlotte Bobcats
N17773 - Chicago Bulls
NWA9926- Cleveland Cavaliers
PCE5807 - Dallas Mavericks
SWQ801 or other SWQ - Denver Nuggets
N880DP - Detroit Pistons
NWA9938 - Golden State Warriors
N104HR - Houston Rockets (blocked)
NWA9934 - Indiana Pacers
NWA9927 - LA Clippers
NWA9931 - LA Lakers
NWA9929 - Memphis Grizzlies
BSK698 - Miami Heat
MEP80?? Varies per flight - Milwaukee Bucks
NWA9937- Minnesota T’Wolves
NWA9933 - New Jersey Nets
NWA9940 - New Orleans Hornets
N37NY - New York Knicks (Blocked)
NWA9936 - Oklahoma City Thunder
NWA9932 - Orlando Magic
NWA9941 - Philadelphia 76ers
SWQ801 or other SWQ - Phoenix Suns
N757AF - Portland Trail Blazers (Blocked)
SWQ737 or other swq - Sacramento Kings
NWA9935 - San Antonio Spurs
ACA7044 - Toronto Raptors
SWQ802 or other swq - Utah Jazz
NWA9939 - Washington Wizards

There you go all the teams! :smiley:

That was easy, thanks!


Does anyone know the tial numbers of any NBA owners jets? I already have the tail number of five NBA owners. If red it is blocked.

Indiana Pacers (co-owner Herb Simon), N63HS
Indiana Pacers (co-owner Melvin Simon), N62MS
Dallas Mavericks (Mark Cuban), N718MC
New Orleans Hornets (George Shinn), N777AY
Charlotte Bobcats (co-owner Michael Jordon), N236MJ

bump we need to update this…

Found the Bucks are on Swift … /KMKE/KHOU

And here’s all the teams that NW is supposed to be hauling in 2009/2010:

9931- LA Lakers
9930- Atlanta Hawks
9926- Cleveland Cavaliers
9927- LA Clippers
9935- San Antonio Spurs
9925- Charlotte Bobcats
9937- Minnesota Timber Wolves
9940- New Orleans Hornets
9936- Oklahoma City Thunder
9934- Indiana Pacers
9941- Philadelphia 76ers
9932- Orlando Magic
9929- Memphis Grizzlies
9933- New Jersey Nets
9949- Chicago Bulls*
9939- Washington Wizards
9938- Golden State Warriors

*the Bulls did use N17773 yesterday


The rockets fly on a 727? I figured it would be something that has more room…

A basketball team has what, 12 people? Maybe 15 max? Add trainers, coaches and management and they’re probably still at less than 50 passengers total I would think.

The NBA and NHL planes all have reduced seating.

The NW A319’s have 56 seats and most are in that range.

The interior probably looks something like this,

Heat are on Miami Air still, they just changed planes for this year it looks like…

appears to be VRD6104, or at least that was the flight the Suns took to LA from PHX last night

That’s interesting, don’t know if I’ve seen VA do any kind of charter before.

Does anyone have the bucks tail number?

Bucks are on Swift, … /KMKE/KIAD

Flight number will be either 737, 801 or 802.

Does anyone have the Portland trailblazers flight info?

Portland must still be on N757AF and it is blocked from tracking. I saw that plane at MSY last season but it did not show up on FA. Somebody said they could also be on NW 9942 but looks like Utah is riding that flight number.

thats not right boston anone have the right boston

Celtics are on Swift, … /KIAD/KBED
flight number will vary, either SWQ737, SWQ801 or SWQ802.

This list should be correct for 2009-2010, except now have to find all the Delta
flight numbers since Northwest is no more and those numbers have changed.

Atlanta Hawks — Delta 8932 (A319)
Boston Celtics — Swift 737, 801 or 802 (varies) (B734)
Charlotte Bobcats — Delta 8933 (A319)
Chicago Bulls — N17773 (B722) or Delta ??? (A319)
Cleveland Cavaliers — Delta ??? (A319)
Dallas Mavericks — N801DM (B752)
Denver Nuggets — Swift 737, 801 or 802 (varies) (B734)
Detroit Pistons — N880DP (MD83)
Golden State Warriors —Delta 8935 (A319)
Houston Rockets — N104HR (B722) (blocked)
Indiana Pacers — Delta 8936 (A319)
LA Clippers — Delta 8938 (A319)
LA Lakers — Delta 8937 (A319)
Memphis Grizzlies — Delta 8939 (A319)
Miami Heat — Miami Air 398 (B734)
Milwaukee Bucks — Swift 737, 801 or 802 (varies) (B734)
Minnesota Timberwolves — Delta 8940 (A319)
New Jersey Nets — Delta 8941 (A319)
New Orleans Hornets — Delta 8942 (A319)
New York Knicks — N37NY (B734) (Blocked) or Delta ??? (A319)
Oklahoma City Thunder — Delta 8943 (A319)
Orlando Magic — Delta ??? (A319)
Philadelphia 76ers — Delta 8946 (A319)
Phoenix Suns — Swift 737, 801 or 802 (varies) (B734)
Portland Trail Blazers — N757AF (Blocked)(B752)
Sacramento Kings — Delta 8947 (A319)
San Antonio Spurs — Delta 8948 (A319)
Toronto Raptors — Air Canada 7044/7045 (A320)
Utah Jazz — Delta ??? (A319)
Washington Wizards — Delta 8950 (A319)