WNBA Los Angeles Sparks Flight #?


Does anyone know the WNBA Los Angeles Sparks flight and/or tail #? Any help is appreciated.


I don’t think the WNBA charters flights, they probably can’t afford it. The NBA charters all of their flights though. Generally, to find the flight number just enter in the two destinations on flightaware and look for a charter number, or new airline. Also try all of the airports in the city, even the minor ones.

OK thanks for your help. I am trying to see when/if they have arrived in Atlanta already. They last played in Washington on Thurs & play in Atlanta on Sunday.

Looking at the flight history between these two places (so far), it would appear certain that they did not charter a flight. If you like looking for charter flights in general, there are lots during the ncaa football season. After a google search, its pretty much confirmed they go commercial. If you check press releases and news articles, it often lists the city they are writing from at the top, so you could check that.[/list]

I’ve been on regularly scheduled flights with NBA teams.

come to think of it not recently.

They all charter now-a-days, most of them with special outfitted Delta Airbus A319s and A320s, although a few have private planes. I’ve also seen Miami Air. There is a video on youtube of the Bulls’ 727 in the 90’s.