Happy Shamrock day!!!!!

irishcentral.com/thepub/?vid … 4/file.flv

I found this cool slide show with Aer Lingus pics and music.

May all your pints be just right :wink: 8)

WTF??? I’m guessing this image is shopped…

Nope. It’s a Carvair, a DC-4 conversion.


They still fly them out of PAFA, as fire tankers in the summer.

That’s not correct.

Carvairs have never been used as fire tankers.

There’s only 2 survivors out of 21 Carvairs produced. One is in South Africa, the other on in Texas.

The one operated in Alaska was owned by Brooks Fuel. It crashed in 2007.


Good old Freddy Laker. Back before the Chunnel was a reality I had toyed with the idea of making use of one of BAF’s Carvairs to get my newly purchased Lotus from the UK back to the European mainland, but the price was a sizable percentage of what I paid for the car. I wound up driving it back via one of the ferries, but I’ve always looked back on it as a major missed opportunity to join the JetSet! :laughing:

Well, I’ll be… I guess that’s where Boeing engineers got the idea for the 747’s raised deck. :bulb:

Well then someone has modified a DC-4 to look just like it cause I was almost run over by one flying into Fairbanks 3 years ago. :question:

Edit- never mind I didn’t read your entire post- I was almost run over by the bastard 1 year BEFORE it crashed. sorry

No pints for me!!! Stupid job! Flying all freakin day on St. Paddy’s…Should be at the Failte or Paddy Reilly’s but NOOOoooooo, I’m flying this stupid airplane… :angry:


The 747 was born out of the Air Force competition for a large cargo aircraft. This ultimately became the C-5. One requirement was for the ability to load cargo in from the front of the aircraft. This meant the cockpit needed to be placed someplace else. The logical place was above the cargo deck.

Boeing expected supersonic airliners to make subsonic airliners obsolete. There would still be a demand for subsonic cargo aircraft so when the 747 was designed it kept the cockpit above the main deck for easier conversion to an all-cargo aircraft.


You need to go to the Guinness site and sign prop. 3/17 to try and get St. Patricks day recognized as a national holiday…OH but then again we work in the aviation field so it doesn’t make a differance to them…as long as someone or something needs to fly we work :smiling_imp:

Did you at least get to go somewhere cool? 8)