Jets and Props on Streets?

Does anyone know where these photos are from? … tes/page/7


Sun n Fun, Lakeland FL


WOW! I was at Sun-n-Fun this past year… is this at the start? I was there for the last two days.

AOPA Palm Springs does that too.

Frank Holbert

AOPA Parade of Planes 2006 - YouTube)

Awesome… thank you everyone for the help

Anyone else spot the rare and unusual aircraft in the video. Hint…turbine conversion Duke.

Yes I did Duke.

Nope. Nothing shows up when I click that link. Haven’t been able to see photos on here for months! :cry:

What OS? What browser?

Windows XP…Firefox 3.6.3


I do have adblock, but never blocked anything on FA. Maybe I should tweak that somehow to see if they show.