The image below is simply described as “777 Engine Fire”, but to my eye there are several indications that the image isn’t real. Does anyone know for sure? … ate/page/3


and speaking of pictures - can anyone help me on why I cannot see pictures in FlightAware photo section? I can see pictures on every other site.

Firefox 5.0
Windows 7 64 home premium
java enabled


I dont think this pic is real due to no smoke or parts flying off and as we all know JET-A burns with thick black smoke…one star!


I’ve seen backfires from jet engines that had no black smoke.


Well I guess it could be a backfire…Still dont look right though.
That would be one huge backfire.


I wasn’t clear. I meant I’ve seen backfires that had no black smoke, implying that a fire like that in the picture may not necessarily have black smoke. I didn’t mean to imply that this was a backfire.


Unless this is taken at the very moment of ignition, I don’t see how the flames would be infront of the nacelle that far while rotating at 140kts?


Yes good point I agree.


It is a fake picture according to Snopes.


I’m convinced.



Me too!


Did you contribute two coupons for your favorite beverage to the FlightAware Christmas party fund?

John in dry Saudi


I figured out the problem. And I sent 27 cases of Budweiser to you. Don’t be selfish - share them with the Saudi family. :laughing:


Well thank you very much. Several of them would be quite willing to share. 8)


Are you ad blocking? Sometimes that causes problems with other content on our site.


Yes. I go to so many websites that have annoying ads on them that I have started using Ad Blocker. While I’d rather not block the ads on FlightAware, I’ve never gone through the trouble of tweaking it to unblock FlightAware.

FlightAware is the only site that blocks pictures if i have Add Blocker.


I can’t positively assert that’s the issue, but other users who have engaged in aggressive ad blocking have experienced similar issues.

We refuse to run ads that we find annoying, so ad blocking on us just deprives us of revenue.


I’ve fiddled around with Ad Blocker to unblock FlightAware.
Seeing as I don’t pay attention to 95% of the ads, I’m curious: do you get revenue if the ad appears or only if I actually click on the ad?


Did that fix your photos issue?

Yes, we get revenue for just a views, although conversion rate (either clicks or actual activity like making a hotel reservation or signing up for a credit card) impacts rates in both the short term and long term.


The picture problem was fixed.