German 300 Extra Fatal mid-air caught on video this weekend

A Extra 300 registered D-EXHO and a Xtreme3000 D-ETOJ performing at an airshow in Germany collided mid-air - the Xtreme managed to land safely, however the Extra 300 lost most of a wing and spiraled to the ground killing the pilot. Accident occurred at Warngau, South of Munich on Sept. 18/10.

The Xtreme pretty much flew thru the Extra severing a wing!!! Very sad.

Click here for photos

Youtube Video

That hurts. (not being smart @$$)
Knowing you can’t get out of the plane and there’s nothing you can do. . . :frowning: :angry:

That’s sad, I wish the pilot’s friends and family the best.

Also, how badly damaged was the Xtreme if it managed to land?