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UPS 1354 Crash updates

Added new pictures and video from press conference

UPDATE: Video @NTSB media briefing on UPS Airbus A300 Crash

From those pictures, it doesn’t look like there is much left of the recorders. I hope there is enough.

I had to laugh though at the report, “The pilot and co-pilot were on board the aircraft at the time of the crash”. I guess we know they didn’t bail out then?

Like another article I saw yesterday that had an aviation expert say, “Landing on the runway can be tricky for pilots”. Where do they get these “experts”?

Hi everybody: I am not a pilot but I know there are approach plates. Were the UPS pilots using approach plates which probably showed the hills/obstacles on approach to the runway? and they knew their minimum altitude? Thanks.

Here is the plate they would have been using:

flightaware.com/resources/airpor … LOC+RWY+18

As you can see, it shows the hills.

wow, i guess this chart was overlooked.