Cargo plane down in Dubai


Cargo plane down in Dubai and possibly could be UPS.

Here’s a BBC link

Edit: Now confirmed to be a UPS plane, one of the 747-400’s delivered in 2007. Damn.

RIP to the crew.


Reported to be N571UP. :frowning:


UPS is confirming that one of their aircraft involved in an accident in Dubai … t+Incident


At approximately 12 p.m. EST, UPS Flight 6 from Dubai, UAE, to Cologne, DE, a 747-400 with two crewmembers on board crashed on takeoff. At this time, we have not confirmed any casualties.

“Safety is a key priority for UPS,” said Airline & International Operations Manager Bob Lekites. “This incident is very unfortunate and we will do everything we can to find the cause,” said Lekites. “Our thoughts go out to the crewmembers involved in the incident and their families.”

“We will also release more information as it becomes available, in cooperation with government authorities. We will not speculate about the cause. Until then, we ask for your patience in this difficult time.”



**From CNN iReports **

A series of photos showing burning wreckage


Our Chief Pilot emailed this to me. It is supposedly something he received and is from some forum or another.

I had the misfortune of hearing the whole chain of events while we were going from Kuwait to Abu Dhabi. As time goes by and more information is gathered and released, the picture will become clearer. But the aircraft didn’t crash on takeoff.

We were in Bahraini airspace when we heard the mayday of a “Fire on the ‘Deck’” and an immediate descent to 10,000’. The captain requested vectors back to Dubai immediately. As the moments passed the whole cockpit filled with smoke and the CA indicated he could not see any instruments at all. With no visual reference and all instruments unreadable as well as difficulty relaying messages and getting information (reentered UAE FIR but was still talking to BAH ‘cause he couldn’t change frequencies). Altitudes, headings etc had to be relayed from UAE to BAH to airborne aircraft to UPS and back again (A MESS to say the least). Wound up straight in for 12L at DXB at 10 miles and 7,000’. Couldn’t circle because he couldn’t see anything. Turned south of the airport -blind- the whole while altitudes are being read to him. It was of no use. The aircraft crashed into a fairly unpopulated area (thankful for that at least). Words can’t express the whole situation adequately.


Truly awful and harrowing account of the accident. The flight crew must have been terrified whilst trying to maintain their professionalism to the very end.

Rest in peace.


Fedex uses this system, UPS does not. Wonder if that will change now.

Also sad that there is no fire suppression system installed on the main deck of the 744F.


Ive worked on a lot of planes private and airliners. Have only seen this in one plane before. a customers hawker 800xp. Looked at it and was like what is this for. Really after doing some research i dont understand why they are not required under FAR135. If there was smoke in the cockpit of an airliner i was on i would pay the extra ticket price to have them in the aircraft for the crew.