ST-AKW B707-330C destroyed in crash in UAE . . .

Six people have died after a cargo plane crashed soon after take-off from Sharjah Airport.

The Boeing 707 crashed about two kilometres from the airport soon after taking off from Sharjah to Khartoum, the Sudanese capital.

The plane was owned by Sudan Air but operated by a separate Sudanese company, Azza Transport, which operates out of Khartoum.

Six crew members, all of whom were Sudanese, died when the plane caught fire soon after crashing, Brig Humaid al Hudaidi, the director general of Sharjah Police confirmed.

Among those believed to have died is the pilot of the plane, Capt Mohammed Ali, 55, who lived in Sharjah. His brother Mohammed Uthman, who also works at the airport, said: “I am sure my brother is dead. I am very sad.”

Saif al Suwaidi, the director of the General Civil Aviation Authority, said he had sent an investigation team to the site but it was too soon to speculate about the causes of the accident.

A spokesman for Sharjah Airport said the plane was “completely destroyed” in the collision.

A cargo operator in the Sharjah free zone said he saw the aftermath of the crash from about a kilometre away. The crash happened about 3.50pm, he said.

“After take-off there was a huge sound, a big explosion,” said the operator, who asked not to be named. "I saw the immediate results.

“Burning, fire, smoke, pieces of aircraft everywhere. All the men, they’re gone. I knew some of them.”

He said the plane, a Boeing 707, crashed about 300 metres from Emirates Road. None of the debris hit the road, however, he said.

He said the plane was being operated by Azza Transport, a Sudanese “cargo and transport carrier”.

YouTube posted video from the scene.

That is bad! I can’t really tell by the pics how it hit. :unamused:

The bird is registered as ST-AKW (ex D-ABUJ)…Very sad. RIP

Not to nit pic a sad situation but the airplane was from Sudan, the accident was in Sharjah which is next to Dubai in the Emirates.

John in Saudi

What are the jobs that the six crew members have on that aircraft?(I know two of them) :slight_smile:

Probably just like military and they have loadmasters as part of the flight crew.

Given the fact that its a 707 they were probably:

First Officer
Flight Engineer
Cargo Handler

Thanks JHEM! I figured pilot and co-pilot, flight engineer, and loadmaster, but I did not know about the other two. :confused:

Those are just some possibilities Will, not necessarily what they must have been.

Ohhh, OK. Thanks anyway. :slight_smile:

airport security camera video of the 707 crash at Sharjah:

- YouTube)

at 0:37 you can see an object falling from the sky after the plane has left the field of view.

warning, the video shows the impact and following fireball of the 707.

You can see smoke trailing, and what certainly looks like an engine falling to the ground!!!

That is bad. :cry: :confused:

Just a shocking and tragic video. I’ve no idea if that was a wing section?, or what, but I’ll assume it’ll be Identified quickly.

It doesn’t change the outcome, but I hope they didn’t stall the aircraft in their haste to return to the field. I can only assume a B707 freighter would be a very heavy aircraft on departure.

Just did some checking, the aircraft was carrying 31 tonnes of cargo. Apparently 9 tonnes under its limit? Don’t know if that takes into account the current weather conditions at departure time.