Saudia 747 incident in Madinah

Looks like Saudia may have a write off following an incident at OEMA. Two different reports, one in the media and one by another crew. lol

Supposedly SV 817 which had originated in Jakarta with a stop in Riyadh landed with no problem, then the story gets interesting. According to the newspaper two engines caught fire when the flight was exiting the runway, perhaps caused by to much speed which “tipped” the jet on its side. Two other jets were wrecked on the tarmac.
The other report says the Captain reported an un-commanded full reverse thrust on the #4 engine which caused them to exit the taxiway badly damaging the two left engines in the sand. No other aircraft were involved.
There were no reported injuries among the 260 on board.

Update: Landed Runway 17 veering off the side with the left hand flaps contacting the ground. B743, HZ-AIS.
OEMA 161700Z 24014KT CAVOK 23/03 Q1013 NOSIG

(I’m not sure how you veer to the left with the #4 in full reverse but stranger things have happened)

NOOOOOOO!!! Not AIS!!! I have worked that bird a ton in the past. But, honestly they can buy another 74 tomorrow and not blink. Hopefully we can see some pics! :slight_smile:

I did see some pictures and it didn’t look that bad. Both left main gears were off the pavement to the point of the engines resting on the sand. The left flap was broken but again not all that bad. Otherwise I couldn’t tell from the pictures what the guy meant by write off.