Funnest GA pistons to hand fly


What piston single is the funnest to fly?


Is that proper English?

I vote for a Pacer.


I’m going to say Extra 300.


I enjoy the DA20 and DA40. They are really smooth and responsive, but also stable. Lots of people agree that once you have the feel of a diamond, you can just think and the plane responds. I think the center stick combined with control rods instead of cables are a big part of that experience.


For the flying that puts a smile on your face: Super Cub on amphib floats.

For the flying that pulls your face into all kinds of different expressions: Edge 540.


Pitts or Extra, but would not want to take either on a long cross-country flight.


I vote the Marchetti SF260.
You can crank it around or take it cross country.


Single engine has to be a Sukhoi, Extra, Pitts, etc…
Multi engine would be an Aerostar, unless you can lay hands on P-38;
and I’ve always wanted to fly one of those Air Cam twin ultralight type thingies


I always thought a FW-190D-9 would have been a blast to fly. 2200hp, supercharged, pressurized and good into the low flight levels at a TAS of around 400kts. Now, coming back to reality, either a Pitts or an Extra 260 or 300 - a guy in my hangar complex has an Extra 260. THAT is fun.

Something that real people can fly and enjoy would be a Bellanca Viking, either the 260 or 300hp version - little rockets that handle like fighter planes.


I said it before, a long time ago, but the Air Cam is not an ultralight. Ultralight type, ok. :wink:

The Air Cam is not an ultralight. Gross weight is over 1600 lbs, much like a Cessna 150/152.

It is a homebuilt/kit/experimental, whichever you wish to call it. For this reason, it is legal to log flight time and imore specifically multi-engine flight time. Yep, real, honest to goodness multi-engine flight time that can be used for the purposes of ratings and resumes everywhere.

FAA Part 103.1
This part prescribes rules governing the operation of ultralight vehicles in the United States. For the purposes of this part, an ultralight vehicle is a vehicle that:

(a) Is used or intended to be used for manned operation in the air by a single occupant;

(b) Is used or intended to be used for recreation or sport purposes only;

© Does not have any U.S. or foreign airworthiness certificate; and

(d) If unpowered, weighs less than 155 pounds; or

(e) If powered:

(1) Weighs less than 254 pounds empty weight, excluding floats and safety devices which are intended for deployment in a potentially catastrophic situation;

(2) Has a fuel capacity not exceeding 5 U.S. gallons;

(3) Is not capable of more than 55 knots calibrated airspeed at full power in level flight; and

(4) Has a power-off stall speed which does not exceed 24 knots calibrated airspeed.


I’ll take a Super Cub. My son took these photos a few days ago in AK.

Sunset over the Gulf of Alaska from the window of the Super Cub:


BTW, he’s in AK through the end of July exploring the Last Frontier in his Super Cub. He’s a great photographer and you can follow his explorings at

He’ll update with pix and commentary every few days.


Fantastic photos, thanks for sharing!

He’s living my dream!

BTW, is he looking for a co-pilot? :wink:


Or another father?


LOL :laughing:

N60NL - I checked out his other pictures. That looks like a great trip.


A classic Super Cub, floats, skis and tundra tires.

Doesn’t get much better.


I am lucky, almost every day I get to see brand new Boeings and brand new cubbies. Two cub specialists at my home airport:


Yes, I think my son is living the dream that most of us have. This Friday I’m flying commercially to Anchorage and we’re taking off in the Super Cub for a week of exploring. Should be fun, and a bit worrisome too. Rugged, unforgiving, expansive country up there!

Wish us luck! :wink:


Good luck, keep us posted!


Best of luck, but remember that the grizzlies you might meet couldn’t care less how much money you’ve donated to the Audubon Society or Greenpeace!