Just for fun - Dream Plane


This is a two part. Right now I couldn’t even convince the wife a 1960s 235 or 182 would be good. Heck Im even in the lower class of need a ticket :slight_smile:.

If you were to win say a 2 or 3 million lottery what would you like to have



If you were to win say A mega ball or more what would it be





I’m in the same boat. My wife says rent, I keep trying to tell her you can’t rent an airplane, at least around these parts, that will go here:


I’m with you on the Maule, here is another choice since she isn’t big on camping.

controller.com/listingsdetai … 175704.htm

controller.com/listingsdetai … 175281.htm


I’m going to have to pass on the Maule.

But I’d be in the same realm, 185.


185 is good too. I actually have a little time in one, just dreaming about a change…


If we’re talking lottery level fantasies . . .

multivu.prnewswire.com/mnr/piper … Flight.jpg


You win the lottery and that P.O.S PiperJet is the best you can do??

I’m going to Iran, buying(stealing?) all their F-14s, and make myself one decent one!


Steal an oil well while you’re at it.

You’ll need it to keep that Tomcat in the air! :laughing:

Personally, I believe I’d opt for one of these:

I’ve even got my own driver… 8)




I’d buy the Devils 727. Only $600,000. I know it’s for sale, but don’t feel like looking for it right now.


I’d add a multi w taildragger endorsement on the plastic and needless to say…


controller.com/listingsdetai … 158421.htm


I couldn’t limit myself to just one plane.

The Grocery-Getter…
aso.com/listings/spec/ViewAd … &dealerid=

For cruisin’ the strip…
upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/c … -05-12.jpg

For family getaways…
aso.com/listings/spec/ViewAd … &dealerid=


Other than a PC-12? Gotta go with this one…

mustangsmustangs.com/p-51/su … -001.shtml

or this one and take it back to “Georgia Mae” for sentimental reasons.



You must REALLY enjoy hearing “Are we there yet?, Are we there yet?, Are we there yet?” ad infinitum ad nauseum from the back seats.


Life isn’t about the destination… It’s all about the journey. :wink:


OK, just found this. Check out the video, it starts with 2 airplanes but the second one drops out of frame pretty quickly.



I watched that video several times. I still can’t find where the JATO rockets are located!


I know.
Right after I posted it I found a thread where the guy in the other airplane explains things. He did 6 comparison flights in his 180 HP Cubcrafters rebuilt SC against a Husky and that monster. Same results against the 210, he and the Husky were basically even on every run.


Pilatus PC-12, an amazing and versatile flying machine…

aso.com/listings/spec/ViewAd … &dealerid=


In the pontoons! 0:14 - 0:18. See the smoke. . .
:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


Pilatus is just a King Air with 1 engine for near the same price.

Id rather have the King Air with 2 engines :slight_smile:.