If you could have any kind of GA Aircraft . . .


If you could own any model of GA aircraft made by any manufacturer, who would it be and what type of aircraft? No jets, just pistons and turbos.


Not enough choices!

The heart says TBM 850:

The wallet says Aviat A-1B Husky:


You left off Pilatus. I think the PC-12 is a great plane and wouldn’t mind owning one, even if I had to hire a pilot to fly it for me.


Sorry, I have to be partial!

Beechcraft… Trailing link gear alone are built like tanks compared to Cessna’s spindly legs.

Interior much more creature comfort, though a Cirrus was very comfortable as well, probably more so from the ergonomic factor.

Handling, Beechcraft with the interconnect rigging, while much heavier then a Cessna, Grunman, Piper or Cirrus. Feels more “solid” at least in my experiences.

Downside to Beech, parts are ridiculously expensive as compared to Cessnas and Pipers! Dunno about Cirrus parts.

Low wings in these eyes look nicer then wings over the head, much easier viz in the pattern, wider foot print, not as “critical” diving into the wind on ground ops.


As of right now:

  1. TBM
  2. Pilatus
  3. Beech Bonanza
  4. Cirrus Perspective
  5. Cessna 400


I will go ahead and list my top five:

  1. Socata TBM-850
  2. Cessna 182 TC (Turbo)
  3. Cessna 208 Caravan
  4. Cirrus SR-22 G3
  5. Cessna 400


Welll… what about a Lancair IV-P with deice. I think I could handle one of those quite nicely. If not, than I’ll take a new Cirrus SR-22 turbo. Hows come Mooney isn’t on the list of options? I currently have a Mooney 252.


The Lancair IV-P would be my #1 as well, followed closely by a Mooney Acclaim and a Bonanza.


Without a doubt…The mighty Howard 500 for long range luxury, and the Helio Stallion to get everyone’s attention…utility!!!


Alright, here’s my list:

  1. Epic LT
  2. Royal Turbine Beech Duke
  3. Maule M7-420
  4. Beech E-55 Baron
  5. Beech G36


Top 5 I want:

1.) Socata TBM-850
2.) Pilatus PC-12
3.) Lancair IV-P
4.) Piper Cheyenne IIIA
5.) Mooney Acclaim

Top 5 I can afford:

1.) Ultralight
2.) Powered parachute
3.) Expensive R/C
4.) Styrofoam Glider… :frowning:
5.) Kite