What Aircraft Do You Operate?


Well, I want to operate a Cessna 172, Piaggio Avanti, Piper Cherokke archer or a Mooney Bravo with Garmin 1000.

What about you?


Beechcraft? This is the GA forum right?






What category should this go under? There’s no “aviation in general” forum. There should be but there ain’t.

By the way: all of the aircraft mentioned in the subject are operated as general aviation aircraft.


Stinson 108-2. My first GA plane that I’ve had for about 10-yrs now. Like most, I need to fly it more than I do but I fly it every chance I get. 40 hours in a C-150 . . . license . . . and then 400 or so hours in the Stinson. Love it. Also have a Minimax 1100R I built on my carport. Just over 400 hours in it and going. A LOT OF FUN.


F-18 Hornet., ok ok…watever cheap single recip I can rent… :smiley:


Cessna 560XL


Turbo Arrow III


Gulfstream 200


C172, PA28, C140, and DC-3.


Old, er, I mean classic.


Unfortunately, just a keyboard.


Same here! :laughing:

Cessna 182, maybe an MU-2, or a Cessna 750! :smiling_imp:


C-150 to PA28-140 to C-172 to PA28-180 to My favorite so far… 1943 J3C-65. The Jeep of the air :smiley:


I own a 172 with Pann Yann180 conversion.

Have a J3 to ber restored…one day…when son is out of college.

Like to one day have a BE58 to operate and travel with family…Used to fly one corporately and loved them.


C152 :smiley:


First was a Cherokee 140 and now have a Mooney M20. Love the need for speed!!


Work: SA227
GA/mine: pa28-180


ROCKIN RECLINER (with swivel to get that 3-d effect) :smiley: