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Flown route is not "smooth" on flight page

Not sure if this is an issue that only appears on my end or it’s something that everyone has now but has not reported it (that I have seen).

I’ve noticed that when viewing the “Airport Tracker” page, the flown route for an aircraft looks smooth, like it always has been.

However, when I click on the aircraft or track any flight, the flown route appears to be jagged.

This issue does not seem to be apparent when viewing aircraft equipped with ADS-B (when in a coverage area), but only on non-ADS-B equipped aircraft. This isn’t a major issue but I was just curious as to what may be causing this and if anyone else has noticed it. It seems to have started happening while I was on vacation in Michigan a few weeks ago.

Thanks in advance for the help.



Yes? I just thought it’s weird that it would show differently on the flight page. I’m sorry if I wasted your time.

Good catch! We will fix it in the upcoming week.

You’ll see this fixed Monday afternoon.