Flights since early August do not appear

:cry: Inquiries on N582SP and NGF582 do not show these recent IFR flights. Why?
08/02/2005 MTH-SFB
09/03/2005 SFB-LEE
09/03/2005 LEE-DHN
09/03/2005 DHN-SFB

Alan M Hoffberg

Do you generally file with the “NGF” prefix in the ident for your angel flights, or do you put that in remarks and let the controller change it? The changing ident after the flight plan was filed could be the culprit here.


I file with the NGF prefix and put the actual tail number in the remarks. :arrow_right: But in any event, even my non-Angel Flights(r) do not appear, even though I most always file/fly IFR when weather is chancy or the trip is long . . . such as trips of several hundred miles for each leg.

For example, the return trip from MTH to SFB does not appear under either call sign – but that was IFR since it was a very stormy night – sound familiar? :unamused:

Alan M Hoffberg

Please see this discussion thread and let us know if it addressed your situation.