This pilot forgot he is in the US
Is he from a different country? He must have flown VFR to the US because the first IFR flight starts in the US.

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I don’t understand what’s so “crazy” about this flight.
It’s not listed as an N-number, the aircraft very well could have flown many IFR flights in the past. It’s just the first flight for that flight number.

The tail number doesn’t look like an N-Number. I have heard ATC give airline flights a number and letter combo for their flight number (i.e. ASA91A). But I don’t know why they would do that for a private aircraft. Just give the guy a regular tail number. He could be from a different country but I don’t know of any foriegn numbers starting with NGF-.

NGF is the ICAO code of Angel Flight America.

Also, N number have to be N, followed by a number, so it can’t be an n number.

Just figured it out. NGF is the callsign for AngelFlight.

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I checked the logs and that tail number has been used twice before. Once on 10-Mar-2006 for a C172/G and once on 14-Aug-2005 for a BE35/A.

You can find a list of current Angel Flights on

This one is odd…

Currently NGF773D is enroute 3M3/KGNV.

But when you look at airport activity at 3M3, the flight is not shown as a departure. I think that’s an oddity.