filed flights not appearing

What may be reasons filed flights don’t appear. I some recent flights that don’t show under my tail number even though they were filed IFR.

Do flight following flights appear for that time period they are in contact with ATC?

Thanks. Great service

Generally, any future, non-cancelled IFR flight will show up (as well as current and past flights). What tail number and timeframe are you missing data for?

Also, VFR flight following flights sometimes show up on the map but never flight data in the status box or the history/activity log.

The flight in question was from KPAE to S07 (Bend OR) on 2 Sep, filed IFR.

The return flight was flight following from S07 via KONP to KHQM 5 Sep.

Tail number for both was N40FG

Please see this discussion thread and let us know if it addressed your situation.