In reviewing my recent IFR flights, I noticed that some of them are missing. Why would this occur?

Otherwise, a fantastic and useful program!

We’ve had reports of missing flights before and each one works out a new kink in our system. What tail number are you looking at?

N4637W - Specifically two flights:

  1. Sept. 20, 2005 KRYN - KPOC - this flight was diverted to and landed at KTRM

  2. Oct. 9, 2005 KSEZ - KPOC - The IFR flight plan was picked up over DRK VOR

Along these same lines, I am looking at N769GR, currently en route from KCKB to KCLE. It does not show up on the en-route list, but it does show on a direct inquiry. There are others as well. Is this normal?