N # for tracking Angel Flights


I am a volunteer Pilot for Angel Flight as I am sure are many of your pilot users. When I file on a Non_patient/passenger leg I use my normal call sign. When filing the leg carrying patients all Angel Flights use the letters
NGF followed by the last 3 letters or numbers of the reugular N #. For example, My N NUMBER IS n46jc, when filing the the Angel portion of the trip I use NGF6JC. Is there some way this can be accomodated in your system.


You flights appear under the identifier you flew under. The flight page for NGF6JC has two recent flights for you. We can’t combine them into your regular N46JC page since we don’t know what your complete identifier is when you’re on an Angel Flight.


Thanks for your propmt reply and I understand the challenge for the system.

It is protocol for the pilots filing angel IFR flight plans to put into the "remarks section " of the plan their full N number

For example I say ‘angel flight N6JC’ in the remarks section.

Don’t know if the system could pick this up but thanks for considering it.


Unfortunately we don’t receive the remarks section of the flight plan.

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