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FlightFeeder v8.0 Beta Open!

We are proud to announce that the FlightFeeder v8.0 Beta is now open! This release brings the features included in PiAware v4.0 to your FlightFeeder. If you’re interested in participating please reply with your device’s serial number and we’ll update it over the next couple days.

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FlightFeeder Site 1526, currently at patch level FlightFeeder 7.11.0~bpo8+1.
Would be willing to give it a go as long as there is good confidence that the 2367 day uptime streak isn’t disturbed in the process.


@dongerrard204 Your FlightFeeder has been upgraded. Let us know if you run into any issues!

Was just noting the change. No issues with the upgrade. Now showing as “FlightFeeder 8.0~bpo8+1”
Thank you.
I will observe closely for a few days.

Would be interested in testing it. FlightFeeder serial number: 12594

Yes please: S/N12104

@erikkastelec @summeradsb You have both been upgraded

Nice one thanks. So far so good.

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8747 please, I did ask via twitter and it was stated the site was updated but it still says 4.0-bpo8+1, do I need to restart the FF?

@invergordon Your FlightFeeder was upgraded

Feeder Type: FlightFeeder 8.0~bpo8+1

Where are you seeing the 4.0~bpo8+1? If you are talking about your SkyAware page, that is correct as it is showing the current version of dump1090-fa

So has my FF been updated to v8.0 Beta?

Yes (20 characters…)

my FlightFeeder G6 sn 1976

@rugomol You have been upgraded

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I’ll give it a try, S/N 1334 (H5)

Also for 6217 (H8) -

@SoNic67 Your FlightFeeder seemed to run into issues upgrading. Do you mind checking on the state of your FlightFeeder? Any info in the System Status Logs would be useful as well.

@sponseld FlightFeeder upgraded

Really appreciate everyone’s help with the v8.0 beta. We’ve got some great results and will be moving forward with the rollout in the next couple weeks. Thank you all very much!

Site 140589 - I’m open to try