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Announcing PiAware 4.0!

Today we are pleased to announce the release of PiAware v4.0! This latest version of our software delivers features that make setting up an ADS-B receiver easier and tracking flights more interesting.

PiAware v4.0 debuts a new SD card image that adds support for the Waveshare 3.5” LCD touchscreen. We believe this is groundbreaking because for the first time users will be able to completely assemble and configure an ADS-B receiver without editing any files. This opens up the flight tracking hobby to an entirely new group of aviation enthusiasts.

We’ve added features to customize your SkyAware display! You can now show or hide columns in the aircraft table and control the overall display using URL query parameters (details can be found here). We’ve also pulled in some features from tar1090! SkyAware now runs on OpenLayers6 and we’ve added some of its new maps and baselayers. We’d like to thank @wiedehopf for their help in facilitating this and encourage other developers to assist us making our open source software more interesting and engaging for the community. A full rundown of hobbyists that contributed to PiAware v4.0 can be found in our release notes.

Finally PiAware v4.0 provides support for LimeSDR, HackRF and Stratux-compatible network output as well as bug fixes, including one that solves zerocopy causing dump1090 to run harder with the Rpi 5.x kernel.

You can find the SD card image with LCD support here and our normal headless image here. As always you can upgrade your PiAware from your My ADS-B page at FlightAware.com. If you are running a PiAware package install (non SD card image), don’t forget to send a Upgrade and Restart dump1090 command to get dump1090-fa updated as well.

Please note, this update is for PiAware users only. FlightFeeder hosts will be upgraded in the near future.

4.0 Release Notes


  • New PiAware Image with 3.5 Waveshare LCD support
  • PiAware (SD installs): CPU temperature, load, and uptime added to PiAware Status Web page
  • PiAware (SD installs): Added piaware-restart-network command to apply network changes without rebooting
  • dump1090: Build support for OS X, FreeBSD, OpenBSD [courtesy @mikenor / @apparentorder on Github, PRs #33 / #38]
  • dump1090: Overhaul of SDR / ring buffer / demodulator interface to make it easier to add new SDR types
  • dump1090: LimeSDR support [courtesy @Glutton on Github, PR #75]
  • dump1090: HackRF support [courtesy @kr105 on Github, PR #57]
  • dump1090: Stratux-compatible network output [courtesy @Determinant on Github, PR #61]
  • dump1090: Change option syntax for 2-bit correction from --fix --fix (introduced in 3.8.0) to --fix-2bit. Any number of --fix options now yields 1-bit correction.
  • dump1090: Support building under GCC 10 (github issue #65)
  • dump1090: Include a (disabled by default) example HTTPS configuration [courtesy @jwbernin on Github, PR #66)
  • dump1090: For manual builds, if no explicit SDR choice is made, autodetect available libraries via pkg-config
  • dump1090: Add a --version command-line option that shows just the version without needing to show the full help screen
  • dump1090: Only emit verbose command-line option help if --help is requested, not on any error
  • dump1090: List supported device types if --device-type is given without a device type
  • dump1090: Removed Debian Wheezy support (distribution is no longer supported upstream)
  • dump1090: Remove the “dump1090” Debian metapackage that exists only to provide an upgrade path from very very old installs
  • dump1090: Add package profiles to selectively build packages with reduced SDR library dependencies. See the README for details.
  • dump1090: If a network port option (–net-bo-port et al) is given on the command line, implicitly enable networking, but don’t enable the default port assignments
  • dump1090: Provide Mode A / Mode C hit count in aircraft.json
  • dump1090: Aircraft DB updated to 20200924
  • SkyAware: Now runs on OpenLayers6
  • SkyAware: Aircraft table column display are now customizable
  • SkyAware: New baselayer maps and overlays added
  • SkyAware: New URL query parameter support to customize SkyAware display [courtesy @sigwx on Github, PR #58]
  • PiAware (SD installs): Updated setup guide in SD card zip file

Bug Fixes:

  • PiAware (SD installs): Fixes issue with disabling wifi/wired connection on Buster
  • PiAware (SD installs): Fixes bug with dhcpcd.conf generation for static IP on Buster
  • piaware: Fixes bug where faup1090 does not use updated location whenever set via My ADS-B stats
  • dump1090: Fixes issue with zerocopy causing dump1090 to run harder with Rpi 5.x kernel
  • SkyAware: Fix duplicated Access-Control-Allow-Origin header [courtesy @ianrenton on Github, PR #74)

The new LCD/GUI allows you you configure network/gain/system/etc. settings and view system status and logs. Screenshots shown below.



This is great.
Thank you Flightaware team.

:+1: :+1: :+1: :clap: :clap: :clap:




Perfect thanks!

Installed on both of my devices (RPi 3 and RPi 4) wir Raspberry OS, works without issues

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Upgraded by command from my Flightaware stats page.

Station #5252


Feeder Type: PiAware (Debian Package Add-on) 3.8.1
not updating on stats page

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My stats page updated to 4.0 almost immediately.

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[2020-09-30 22:03 BST] update request complete
[2020-09-30 22:03 BST] child process 19768 exited with status EXIT 1
[2020-09-30 22:03 BST] skipping action piaware
[2020-09-30 22:03 BST] run-apt-get(19768): Automatic updates not available for OS debian:10 (Debian GNU/Linux 10 (buster))

All great news, thank you, pity you didn’t add support for biast at the same time.


Is your piaware installed on Debian10 amd64 on your Desktop/laptop?

Piaware/dump1090-fa/dump978-fa packages for Debian 10 amd64 are NOT available in Flightaware repisitories. You will have to build these from source code.


pi4 installs
ok will redo sd card

Thank you to all involved !! Well done

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Hi all. Just a note for those who are running PiAware package installs (non SD card). You will need to do an Upgrade and Restart dump1090 via the My ADS-B stats page as well in order to update dump1090. SD card installs will upgrade everything.

We are working on cleaning this up a bit and will update the stats page soon so you won’t have to do both individually.

Let us know if you see any other issues!


Same day that I fire up my brand new Pi 4, I get a free upgrade. Genius!


How / where do I find or enable … CPU temperature, load, and uptime on the PiAware Status Web page ??

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Enter the IP address of your Pi in a web browser

after entering the address of the raspberry I get such a screen

It works for me, have you completed the upgrade to 4.0?

of course, the update is complete

ok, my main browser does not support the new functionality
normally i work at opera and i think i need to go on safari

Pi4 install should upgrade without issue on piaware sd card image or Raspbian Buster 32-bit image. Is yours Raspbian Buster 64-bit image?

I have

  • Pi4 with Raspbian Buster 64-bit image, piaware package built from source code
  • OrangePiPC with Armbian Buster 32-bit image and piaware package install.

I have now tried to upgrade their piaware from my Flightaware stats page.

Got message “Automatic updates not available for OS debian:10 (Debian GNU/Linux 10 (buster))”

Station 76000 - Pi4 with 64-bit Raspbian Buster, piaware package built from source code

[2020-09-30 18:05 EDT] performing manual update, action: piaware
[2020-09-30 18:05 EDT] *** running command '/usr/lib/piaware/helpers/run-apt-get update' and logging output
[2020-09-30 18:05 EDT] update request complete

[2020-09-30 18:05 EDT] run-apt-get(22819): Automatic updates not available for OS debian:10 (Debian GNU/Linux 10 (buster))

Station 6396 - OrangePiPC with Armbian Buster and piaware package install

[2020-09-30 18:18 EDT] *** running command '/usr/lib/piaware/helpers/run-apt-get update' and logging output
[2020-09-30 18:18 EDT] run-apt-get(8814): Automatic updates not available for OS debian:10 (Debian GNU/Linux 10 (buster))
[2020-09-30 18:18 EDT] performing manual update, action: piaware