Announcing PiAware 3.8.1!

Latest version is 3.8.1, released on March 25th, 2020.

Instructions and Download Links

FlightAware is proud to announce the launch of PiAware 3.8.0! This version provides support for the Raspberry Pi 4.

Major release highlights:

  • Buster support; sdcard image is now based on Buster; Pi 4 support.
  • Changes to handling of noisy data; additional messages are required before aircraft are considered to be reliably tracked. This will affect site statistics (notably “Other” aircraft counts) for some sites.
  • Wheezy is EOL and packages are no longer built for it. Please reimage with Buster.
  • New Buster sdcard images now configure the network using the upstream style of having dhcpcd control everything. Existing sdcard images are unaffected.
  • USB removable media is no longer automounted.
  • The “flightaware-user” and “flightaware-password” configuration options are no longer used; please use the normal site-claiming mechanisms to associate sites with a FlightAware account.
  • The usual bugfixes and small feature additions

FAQ: (I’ll add to this as things come up)

“I installed the PiAware 3.7.2 packages on Raspbian Buster, how do I upgrade to 3.8.0?”

You will need to manually install the Buster piaware-repository package to ensure that you get the Buster packages:

sudo dpkg -i piaware-repository_3.8.0_all.deb
sudo rm -f /etc/apt/sources.list.d/piaware.list
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

“I want to use the 3.8.0 sdcard image and configure a static IP”

There’s a bug in 3.8.0 that breaks static IP configuration. Please either wait for 3.8.1 or apply the fix in this post.

3.8.1 Release notes

  • SkyAware: Added position age to aircraft detail pane
  • SkyAware: Added ability to customize range ring distances in SkyAware
  • Fixed - SkyAware banner aspect ratio
  • Fixed - SkyAware ssue with “Group By Data Type” and “All Aircraft Trails” checkboxes not saving across browser refreshes
  • Fixed - SkyAware bug when ShowFlags config.js setting is set to False
  • Fixed - Fix buster-style static IP configuration
  • Fixed - Add dependency on dhcpcd5 to pick up the address-defend patch on Buster

some discussions already going on.

It will be good if forum admin merges these two threads.


I’ve renamed the other one, that should do.


since the upgrade today the number of tracks with single messages has been increased significantly. This can be seen on both of my receivers

Any idea if this will go better over time or what i have to change?

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Will this get updated for the Ubuntu x86 too? Right now I checkout the piaware “dev” 3.8.0, but if I revert to “origin” it gives me 3.7.2 version.


You will have to rebuilt piaware package.

What is the output of last command? (post only the first 3 lines of output)

cd piaware_builder
git pull
git log

Before git pull, I got

$ cd piaware_builder
$ git log

commit f6ab1594567cf3cf1ed3252278a6cd1f0084702a (HEAD -> dev, origin/dev)
Author: Oliver Jowett <>
Date:   Thu Nov 28 13:41:46 2019 +0800

    Add a rule for building on Ubuntu disco per report on the forums

After git pull, I got:

$ cd piaware_builder
$ git pull
$ git log

commit 8cdcb9edec2b30d47be8bded54c30dc8876b0434 (HEAD -> dev, tag: v3.8.0, origin/staging, origin/master, origin/dev, origin/HEAD)
Author: Oliver Jowett <>
Date:   Mon Dec 30 22:17:32 2019 +0800

    Release 3.8.0

sorin@Ubuntu-Latitude-E6420:~/piaware_builder$ git log
commit 8cdcb9edec2b30d47be8bded54c30dc8876b0434 (HEAD → dev, tag: v3.8.0, origin/staging, origin/master, origin/dev, origin/HEAD)
Author: Oliver Jowett
Date: Mon Dec 30 22:17:32 2019 +0800

Release 3.8.0

commit 1eab80a8fc7b41bfd2911adb5707621e7a13e274
Merge: 8539fb0 b58f98f
Author: Oliver Jowett
Date: Mon Dec 30 12:29:34 2019 +0800

Merge branch 'dev' into staging

commit b58f98f05b8706dc673c6dea0cc8b915d15bb7d1
Author: Oliver Jowett
Date: Mon Dec 30 12:26:28 2019 +0800 restructuring:

remove the ubuntu-specific overrides in favor of using overrides from the underlying debian version
remove some duplication


If you want we can discuss this on the Linux x86 thread, so we don’t pollute this?


Yes sure. I was about to say this :wink:

Instead of git pull, you can use this command:

$ cd piaware_builder
$ git reset --hard origin/master
HEAD is now at 8cdcb9e Release 3.8.0
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In 3.8.0, if a static IP address is configured in /boot/piaware-config.txt, e.g. “wired-type static” or “wireless-type static”, you will encounter a typo that causes the static network configuration to fail.

Fix: edit line 99 of /usr/lib/piaware-support/generate-network-config from

lappend dhcpcd “static ip_address=[[$config get ${net}-address]”


lappend dhcpcd “static ip_address=[$config get ${net}-address]”

i.e. replace “[[” with “[”.


Drop the —fix
I dropped it on the day before Christmas and this is how it looks since then.

No real gain or loss in reception, just a cleaner graph.

Thanks very much @nu3e, this was driving me mad for 90 mins, I couldn’t work out what was going wrong so searched and found your timely bugfix!

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Hi, I have followed the instructions you mentioned, but seem have come unstuck. I get this message:

Installed: 3.7.2
Candidate: 3.8.0
Version table:
3.8.0 500
500 buster/piaware armhf Packages
3.8.0~bpo9+1 500
500 stretch/piaware armhf Packages
*** 3.7.2 100
100 /var/lib/dpkg/status
Can you tell me where I need to go to fix this, thanks in advance. Meddi55

Sorry! I guess I didn’t test that particular path properly. Thanks for the report; it’s fixed on the dev branch and will be in 3.8.1.


The single-message thing is a likely consequence of some changes to how dump1090 decides which messages to accept early on in the lifetime of an aircraft track. I didn’t see that effect here, but your environment is probably very different to mine. Do you see any change in effective range, or in “real aircraft” (with position) counts?

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no issues with the range, it’s the same i had before. Also the number of aircraft with position did not change significantly.

The only thing which has been increased together with the “single message tracks” is the number of messages and positions/sec (RHS) which went up by approx 10-15%.

This is how it looked yesterday after the upgrade (ignore the short period before, there the gain was set to “-10”)

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Any chance to use the 4 cores of the Pi 4?

They’ll all be used if you have work for them. What are you trying to do?

with the previous version I saw only one core (or am I wrong?) being used and I want to share the CPU load