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Hello and Happy New Year from the ADS-B Team!

2019 was a great year for the FlightAware ADS-B network! We added over 5,000 new sites to the network last year, which takes our total network to over 25,000 sites . Our ADS-B network is a vital component of what makes our free flight tracking services work! We value your participation. Please tell your friends and family about how they can build a PiAware or apply to host a FlightFeeder free of charge!

We saw amazing demand from users for our specialized ADS-B equipment. We distributed thousands of Pro Stick and Pro Stick Plus USB RTL-SDR receivers through all of our channels worldwide. FlightAware sells all of these parts “at cost” (read: no profit) to promote the wide availability of this equipment throughout the world. (Third party retail partners may add their own mark-ups; get the best price by buying directly from us via Amazon USA or Amazon Canada if possible.) See our Pro Stick page for a list of international parts retailers. If our parts are not available in your country, please ask your local Raspberry Pi or electronics retailer to contact us about selling them locally!

FlightAware has big plans for 2020. You can expect to see PiAware v3.8.0 released in the next few days which will provide support for the Raspberry Pi 4. Later in the year there are plans for a desktop image that let you set up without editing config files. We’re also working on two new versions of our Pro Stick, one of which will take advantage of the USB3 ports on the new Pi.

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and on our latest social media channel: Weibo . Be sure to tag " FlightAware ADS-B " so that we can see reports of the how well your sites are doing, interesting aircraft or custom PiAware builds!

We appreciate your support of the FlightAware network. Happy New Year from the entire ADS-B crew!


Happy New Year!

I saw this on the email and it’s very intriguing. I wonder what price bracket it’ll be in, whether the cheaper, more affordable range we currently have or a bit closer towards the Airspy Mini. If the latter then I’d be very interested to see how it compares to the Airspy Mini in terms of performance and strong signal handling.


Do you mean a full FligthAware client version for the PC, or a PC utility to make re-imaging an SD card easier?

How I wished you could say more about them.

That said…could FlightAware possibly make setting up the AirSpy and SDRPlay SDRs easier? They are not as affordable as the RTL-SDR sticks, but very popular in the ‘SDR world’, and a natural step up for those ‘committed’ to ADS-B tracking.

Thanks and HNY to all.

Some of the airspy software is not open source, AFAIK, which makes this harder.

I’d like to get soapysdr support into dump1090-fa at some point, which would help with the “I have $shinynewsdr but dump1090 doesn’t know how to talk to it” problem.

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When 3.8.0v is released, would you please start a new thread instead of it getting “buried” in the middle of an existing thread, like the other releases have been? Thank you…




That would be indeed a good idea, is there any reason to use the existing thread?


Please start a new thread.



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thanks for sharing!

Thanks for all the replies. Here’s some answers:

  • There will be a new thread for the v3.8.0 release.
  • We’re looking to land somewhere between the Airspy and Pro Stick price-wise with a much higher sampling rate than we currently offer
  • The desktop image will be based on Raspbian. We do not plan on releasing a PC client.

Is it possible to go back a few days to track planes I have seen ?

As a flight aware contributor for 10 years, I am very interested in what the PC version will actually do. Is it to run on a PC similar to Piaware? Or will it simply be used to set up Piaware?

I have just recently been deleted as a contributor because I use PlanePlotter. The reason I did not choose to go with piaware is twofold, one is the expense, and the other is due to my

disability I am unable to type all the stuff that we would need to be typed. Do you know of anyone who will build a Rpi without the Pro stick and filter? Since I already have those

I could save some money that way.I also have a very nice 10 DB gain antenna outside.

When you can furnish more details on what this PC version will do please let me know.

Thanks for your time.

Sorry @dan722 we are not going to release a PC version of PiAware. We are working on a desktop version that will run on a Raspberry Pi 4. My apologies for any confusion.

Do you know of anyone who will build a Rpi without the Pro stick and filter?

Have you looked into what is required to write the piaware sd-card?
I would imagine it shouldn’t be harder than writing the post you just wrote.

You would need to edit the piaware-config.txt in case you want to connect the Pi via WiFi.
It’s not terribly much to type.

For a network cable connection, there isn’t any configuration required, you connect the hardware and put in the sd-card you wrote with Etcher.
That’s all.

If you are having issues, we have quite a few nice people here who would gladly assist.
Just open a thread or if you’re more comfortable with that feel free to message me.

Do you have a Raspberry Pi already?

None of my messages are typed by me. They are created by using a speech recognition program and talking into a microphone connected to my PC.

I do not currently have, nor have I ever had Rpi
Speech recognition program will only function with Microsoft products.

Yeah, you should only need to type something in the Editor on your computer.

Sadly all the prepackaged things are overpriced and include antenna and receiver.
I’m no really familiar with remote desktop solutions as i’m on Linux, but this could be a solution as well if you encounter a problem.

Maybe someone from the US here on the forum can send you just the sd-card with piaware written to it, even the WiFi password/name already entered?

I would be glad to help you with writing the SD card. If you want to go the Pi route, you can PM me and I’ll send you the card. The only thing I would need is the WiFi credentials.