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Just received news re Flightaware

Dear ****,

We would like to be the first to tell you about a recent event – Collins Aerospace has announced its intent to acquire FlightAware.

Let’s talk about what that means for FlightAware’s ADS-B network.
Most importantly, Collins recognizes the importance of the ADS-B ground station network and is committed to maintaining and expanding it. This acquisition opens up resources to deliver new hardware innovations, better open-source software solutions, and a variety of web and mobile improvements to benefit the flight tracking community.

Immediately on the horizon is are technological updates to PiAware, the ProStick, and more. Later this year, our roadmap now includes reaching out to schools with STEM programs to get a new generation of aviation enthusiasts to learn the nuts and bolts of flight tracking.

FlightAware has a unique culture, which we all value – and the ADS-B community is at the heart of it. As any announcements come through, we want to reassure you that you’ll still be talking to the same folks who you always have – we’re committed to this community like we have been since the beginning. We’ll keep you in the loop for the upcoming advancements as always.

FlightAware ADS-B team



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A very big company gobbling up a nice little company. :crossed_fingers:

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One would think the PiAware 6 release would be one. Interesting to see what might happen with Prostick dongles. I hope it’s a little way off, I just bought some new Prostick Pluses …

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Yeah… i’m not going to provide data to a company that’s part of the military industrial complex.

Well, if they acquire FA, it’s almost certainly because they make great use of their data for a very long time anyway. As many other companies we have no idea about :slight_smile:

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Then you should stop feeding completely, not only to FA


Like they didn’t have access to that by now? Subscription to any of the Flightaware/FR24 is nothing for any company.
ADSBexchange gives that data for free to everyone, including the Chinese, Russians and even Taliban (now that they have an airforce :frowning_face:)

Sensitive operations are not exactly ran with emitting transponders …
And those guys were tracking things way before ADSBX :slight_smile:

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MLAT can “see” training missions. That info can be aggregated with other sources. Can’t say more here.

And no, is not “the same”. Before ADSBX the level of information was much reduced, it wasn’t real time.
A telling hint is that China now shuts down and threatens with jail anyone that feeds ADSB outside their territory.

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Now that I’m aware of that fact, i will.

You know I have been on the winning side and on the losing side when companies that I have worked for have been acquired or have acquired someone. If you are acquired generally whatever management comes and and stresses what ISN’T going to happen is exactly what will happen :slight_smile:

“No changes” “We’re still hiring” “keep on working on what you’re working on” - yeah - you get back with me on that :slight_smile:

However if it were you and someone wanted to hand you a zillion dollars what would you do?

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As a user of both Collins Aerospace products and Flight Aware, I think this is a win for both. Collins Aerospace was using Flight Aware for their flight following products for quite some time. Both companies are leaders in their industry segments. The marriage of the two will allow for the growth of ADS-B flight tracking and following in the future.