How to update my FlightFeeder?


Hello everyone. How to update my Flightfeeder from version 7.8.5 to the most recent one?

Thank in advance!


Judging by mine, you already have the latest version for your specific hardware revision.
Flight Feeders are updated automatically.


I saw some user use Feeder version 7.8.7 :slight_smile:


Hi AnhPT

The FlightFeeder equipment is owned and managed by FlightAware. So you won’t have any admin capability on their device to perform any updating or change any settings. But they most certainly will roll out updates to your device.


Only for FFv.6 need manual update to FFv.7.
For example a station with v.6 -


It depends on the hardware revision. Mine is hardware ver.6 and its software version is 7.8.5 which is the latest for hardware ver.6. Others with hardware revision ver.7 have software version 7.8.7.


FlightFeeder software is updated automatically. If you need assistance with a FlightFeeder please e-mail


My FF hw ver.6 with sw ver.7.8.6


Thank you all for your reply!