How to update my FlightFeeder?

Hello everyone. How to update my Flightfeeder from version 7.8.5 to the most recent one?

Thank in advance!

Judging by mine, you already have the latest version for your specific hardware revision.
Flight Feeders are updated automatically.

I saw some user use Feeder version 7.8.7 :slight_smile:

Hi AnhPT

The FlightFeeder equipment is owned and managed by FlightAware. So you won’t have any admin capability on their device to perform any updating or change any settings. But they most certainly will roll out updates to your device.

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Only for FFv.6 need manual update to FFv.7.
For example a station with v.6 -

It depends on the hardware revision. Mine is hardware ver.6 and its software version is 7.8.5 which is the latest for hardware ver.6. Others with hardware revision ver.7 have software version 7.8.7.

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FlightFeeder software is updated automatically. If you need assistance with a FlightFeeder please e-mail

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My FF hw ver.6 with sw ver.7.8.6

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Thank you all for your reply!

Will it update web-front to current 4.0 version? I found its new features extremely hady (hide not interesting colums, others map overlays, etc) and I want em back after installing FF instead of current pc+sdr.

We’re finishing up testing for FlightFeeder v8.0, which will have all the functionality we debuted in PiAware v4.0. If you’re interested in beta testing v8.0 we can make that happen!

I always open to something new. Betatests are my normal environment =) I was happy to compile and install newest versions to my PC (386 arch) with my own dongle. So if you need my permission to update FF I’ve just set online yesterday - you got it, go ahead! SN 12694, ready to update any time =)

BTW, may be there was first launch trouble - does it memorize wifi psk? Tried to fix it at wpa_supplicant via SSH, but found SSH restricted out of VPN =) Just to be sure, I need that because electricity sometimes go off for few minutes and I want instant comeback online.

Excellent! Appreciate your offer. I’ll have one of our engineers upgrade your FlightFeeder.

@butylkus I have added you to the Beta test list. Upgrades will be pushed out in the next couple of days

Glad to read it! =)
Any problems will be described and sent to Team ASAP. But there will be no problems, surely =)

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