Flightfeeder 6.4 upgrade to 7.0


Hi guys I’m eagerly waiting on the 7.0 flight feeder software rollout when will this happen…??


No solid date yet, sorry. I’ll send you a PM.


hypothetically… are you looking for beta users? :slight_smile:



If you don’t keep the FF on, you’re unlikely to ever get the update (how would we update something that is not on?)

The FlightFeeders that are on 7.x are using newer FF hardware. This version will currently not run on older FF hardware.


Gets free equipment and then starts making demands. :unamused:


Whats new in 7.0?


From what I’ve heard proper working mlat sync with your profile so the mlat stats are displayed when your feeding ads-b data to Flightaware with their supplied Flightfeeder :smiley:


How would older feeders running 6.4 get updated. Will it be automatic or will we need to download softer in the unit from a computer?


It will be automatic.

@Obj Will we see any updates to the 5.x Nuand based feeders ?


Well, as far as I understand FlightFeeder v6.4 is a Raspberry Pi with amplifier. Hardware version 7.0 using different board for Raspberry Pi?
It is not difficult to update Raspberry Pi to latest version, so what would be a problem then?
To me futures available via HDMI are a lot more important then MLAT.
Please share more information with us.


6.4 is the software version. There are several versions of the FlightFeeder hardware that originally shipped with the 6.4 software. One specific version (H5, which uses a bladeRF SDR) is hard to support in 7.x, which is why the upgrade is not available for that specific hardware version yet.