Flightaware in Flying


I’m guessing someone beat me to the bunch, but there was a short bit in the march issue of flying about flightAware tracking.




March 2008? Wow, don’t have it yet (didn’t check my mail box yet today either). Was still workin my way through Feb08 today.


What article/column?


I got the March '08 a few days ago, I’ll take a look & see where it is. This isn’t the first time FA was mentioned in Flying. That’s how I learned about FA :slight_smile:
I found it in J. Mac’s “Left Seat” column. Bottom of page 14 is where it starts. I would post a link here to the online version, but it’s not up on their site yet (flyingmag.com). Guess we have to wait til March for that.


Yeah - I think J. Mac is a FlightAware fan. He’s mentioned it in previous month’s columns as well.


He’s a bit of a drama queen AND his wife’s name is Stancie!?!?!

Not a flattering review of FA but then again, I think he’s trying to make a point that it’s not a perfect world so don’t freak out if something doesn’t look right on FA. Isn’t there an old saying about ‘all buzz is good buzz’?


Ditto for Dick Karl (“Gear Up”)
J. Mac’s Baron 58
Dick Karl’s Cheyenne 1


Yeah, Dick mentions FA quite a bit. His column is great, usually the first one I read. That guy has alot of fun!



J. Mac’s flight mentioned in column.