Technical article on FlightAware

Nate Anderson over at ars technica interviewed Karl recently and put together a nice write-up about the technology behind FlightAware:

Monster mashup: mapping every plane in the air

It’s more geek-focused than other press we’ve gotten, so caveat reador. As a geek, I really liked it. :slight_smile:

I haven’t “searched” so if it’s mention elsewhere, my apologies, but FA free flight planner was also mention in this months AOPA magazine…

Not terribly techy.

Best line of the article.

[quote=“David and Karl”]“I like living in a world where [open source] is possible,” says McNett. Lehenbauer adds, “We just love this shit!”

I think that about sums its up. My sentiments exactly.

I think that about sums its up. My sentiments exactly.

The official FA motto should be “WETSU”!

(We Eat This “Stuff” Up!)

A good read.

“…and a dedicated forum of flight fans that has racked up more than 100,000 posts, the company’s best days appear to be ahead.”
And a full 5% of those posts by one user in particular!

Uh… that’s minus 5%. 8)

Gee! I wonder who that could be?

By the way, the discussions home page shows just under 77,000 articles as of this posting. Aren’t articles and postings the same thing ad is 77,000 still less than 100,000?

“FlightAware members have posted a total of 76962 articles.”

And you’re credited with -5.97% of that total, which is incorrect were you to be credited with an accurate post count.

I think you should sue!

I’m not going to sue. I’m just going to forcefully demand my money back and go sulk in the corner of a hangar.