FlightAware on the NBC News

Did you catch FlightAware on Brian Williams’s broadcast tonight? In a spot on telecommuting (17 minutes into the show), the interviewee’s computer screen showed FlightAware’s homepage. Very cool.

Yahooo! Cool! Jumping up and down with my pom poms with FlightAware’s cheerleaders!

FlightAware, FlightAware!
Who’s the best
At tracking in the air!

FlightAware, FlightAware!
The best aviation techies
Who really care!

Ra Ra! :stuck_out_tongue: :blush: :stuck_out_tongue:

I noticed that tonight. I wasn’t even watching it but was looking in the general direction of the television, took a double take and yelled out whoa it’s FlightAware! lol

It was a story about importing previously exported jobs such as airline customer service operators.

Flight Aware in a supporting role at ~1:50

Also there’s a topic for Flight Aware’s media appearances

I’m just sayin’ :slight_smile:

SOME PEOPLE think that THEIR contributions are somehow better than everyone else’s and deserve a special NEW topic for each one! :unamused:

I’m just sayin’ :slight_smile:

Note to plantedinthesoil: my comment above is NOT directed toward you in any way. You’re obviously new on the scene and made an honest mistake and we appreciate your sharing of information with us.

Thank you, NeedleNose. You’re right – I have never before posted to an on-line forum, so I am completely naive about the conventions. However, I’m a major fan of FlightAware and was jazzed when my eyes spotted it on the computer screen on NBC news. The camera shot was quick, but who wouldn’t recognize FlightAware!

Welcome to the asylum! :smiley: