FlightAware on ABC News 11/22/06


Just saw a blip on ABC when the reporter was at FAA regarding holiday travel and mentioned being able to track flights online. I recognized the program he was showing (from a distance) on the monitor. FlightAware! Of coarse! :wink:

Cool! 8)


It would have been even cooler had he given on-air credit to FlightAware.

Well, we know that some reporters are very protective of their “secrets”. Grrrrr!!!


I found flight aware on good morning america (abc news) also but they said the name and I read the web site off the screen, I will try to upload the clip.


Here it is from my camera off the DVR. Sorry for the poor quality. I think it was clearly named and easily to find but maybe it was shown multiple times and not always named.



Someone in the office spotted the male host of Good Morning America mentioning us; I’ve posted the (5MB) clip here.