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Hi Team,

I was hoping someone would be able to help me understand what happened with Blue Air flight 2931, scheduled to arrive at EGGW at 0955 UTC on the 15th of March. The fa flightID for it was BLA2931-1615527936-airline-0013.

Using AirportBoards, I received regular updates on it, and I was also watching the flight on the flightaware site as it approached departure time. At departure time, the Blue Air website showed the flight as cancelled, while flightaware (and other sites) showed the flight as scheduled.

When I returned later to look at the flight, I had not received any updates on the status of the flight (still showing as scheduled, progress percent -1) through AirportBoards, and the flightaware site showed no record of this flight existing, with the last record of a flight under BLA2931 being a cancelled flight from January 3 this year.

Is there a reason this flight did not get updated as cancelled once the carrier cancelled the flight?

Also, while I have focussed on this one example, I see multiple daily instances of similar looking behaviour from other flights, particularly when there is no tail assigment for the flight.

From this side it looks as if flights are being created, then never updated before being deleted without a status update.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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It appears we did not receive any updated cancellation information from the airline when the flight was cancelled. If there is no data received about a filed flight after a few hours, the flight will be removed form the boards.

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I’m having the same problem. I was watching some flights that were on AirlineFlightSchedules (AeroAPI/FlightXML 2). These flights were scheduled to depart on March 12, but I didn’t receive any updates on them. And looking at FlightInfoEx they are canceled (actualdeparturetime, estimatedarrivaltime and actualarrivaltime with value of -1).


These flights were only from the 12th of March.

Shouldn’t there be an alert for these cases?