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Air Wisconsin - AWI3930 - 2020/03/02

We are seeing some odd data on this flight that I need some help sorting out.

Flight: AirWisconsin - AWI3930 - March 2nd 2020
faFlightID: AWI3930-1582955170-airline-0137

We were able to successfully subscribe to this flight while it was taxing.

alert_id = 33760593

Shortly thereafter, the web link broke and the flight disappeared from Upcoming flights (/live/flight/AWI3930).

If the flight was canceled after it began taxing, we received no push notification. We now get this result from the FlightInfoEx endpoint

                "faFlightID": "AWI3930-1582955170-airline-0137",
                "ident": "AWI3930",
                "aircrafttype": "CRJ1",
                "filed_ete": "01:56:00",
                "filed_time": 1582955170,
                "filed_departuretime": 1583173200,
                "filed_airspeed_kts": 429,
                "filed_airspeed_mach": "",
                "filed_altitude": 300,
                "route": "BACEN BLOKR BEKKI FAM",
                "actualdeparturetime": -1,
                "estimatedarrivaltime": -1,
                "actualarrivaltime": -1,
                "diverted": "",
                "origin": "KORD",
                "destination": "KLIT",
                "originName": "Chicago O'Hare Intl",
                "originCity": "Chicago, IL",
                "destinationName": "Clinton National",
                "destinationCity": "Little Rock, AR"

What do -1 values for the times indicate?

Meanwhile the flight is tracking on other services: