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FlightXML v3 AirportBoards API - bug on diverted flight flag?

We are looking into the AirportBoards API. We are calling the AirportBoards API every hour for an airport updating our database or inserting new records. We have been capturing the results for over a month and we are not getting any flight where the diverted flag is True. Are we doing something wrong? We were expecting to see cancelled flights (which we are) and also diverted flight, which we are not seeing.

Diversion records are not visible in AirportBoards due to how the results are processed, instead they will be visible in FlightInfoStatus. If an enroute faFlightID stops appearing from an AirportBoards enroute result and is not near it’s estimated arrival time it will likely be visible in FlightInfoSatus as a diversion.

If for a specific faFlightID where the progress_percent is less than 100 and the faFlightID no longer apprears in the AirportBoards, can that be considered a diverted flight? (just trying to make additional calls to FlightInfoSatus)