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AirportBoards missing inbound id

It appears that the flights listed on the AirportBoards are now missing the inbound_faFlightID. I am not able to linkup upline/downline flights and it’s causing a big problem for my operation.

Is this being investigated??

This is an intentional change for performance reasons. Requesting howMany <= 15 should still provide the inbound_faFlightID. See also AirportBoards high response time

Well that is a real bummer. This will most certainly cause me to look elsewhere for my data needs, as I absolutely need the inbound ID, and I need to request more way more than 15 per call. I am not concerned about response time. Is there any way there can be an option to turn on inbound IDs even for large requests?

Edit: I’ve tried changing my code to make 10 requests for 15 flights each, instead of 1 request for 150, and I still do not see inbound Ids.

I’m using AirportBoards with howMany set to 15, and I am not receiving the inbound_faFlightID fields for any flights. I also tried using FindFlight and found no inbound IDs there either. Has this feature been turned off all together?